“you will only change when it hurts more to stay the same than to change” so it is with habits or addiction. “YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE WHAT YOU LOVE EXCEPT YOU STOP LOVING IT”.
You may abstain for moment but you are gonna go back again and again… and again. So you must genuinely stop whatever it is you are addicted to. If not, you may as well stop reading now. BUT IF YOU DESIRE SOLUTIONS, let’s go
on. Is hope alive?

This functions implies that things you love must literally disgust you for you to win over it. Next is the most important part (think of the moments) just before you fail again, your heart is racing, the options are right before you. What are you gonna choose? You want to do the right but there isn’t any strong enough reason not to. You must understand that to love something else is the only way to stop loving what you used to love, and even when you have found a new love you must apply this same life saver. 

You must “pause”, just the last moments before you do it again, shout out loud, “I’m not doing this again!”, and walk away. Yes, just before you burst out in annoyance or take another shot of that drug, just before you lie on that bed or take another bite. Just before you hit enter to open that porn site or postpone your workout/exercise, before you quit on that goal, or close that book or simply just before you fail again, realize that the last moments really define whether you win or lose. If you can predetermine the last moments, you will always win. So for example, those who can’t abstain from food, literarily fail even before those last moments because they say within themselves where no one else can hear I want it (they still love it). Is hope alive?

So no matter the books they read or knowledge they acquire, it never works. The love for the food lovers comes that for the looks. This is similar to the porn/sex addict, nothing is gonna satisfy, so for the porn addict you keep watching probably deleting, downloading…deleting in continuous cycle. I know you are tired (but you still want it).

The same applies to the sex addict. Yesterdays’ is not enough and in your mind if you had your way, you wouldn’t mind sampling all the ladies in the world. Such a sick mind, yes! Sick because normal people don’t think that way and normal people understand the basics of morality and shame, but there is hope. And just before I forget the drug addict, the new realm that drug takes you to is paradise. So every time you ask, where would I rather be?

All you must understand before you do it again is that there are basic modalities at work/stages before the fall.
1.      The love for the addiction
2.      The moments before the fall
·         Conceiving the idea
·         Planning to execute
·         Creating the environment
3.      The fall itself
Watch out for the episode 4, 5 and 6… coming out soon.

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