So in simple terms anyone who falls often to a habit or an addiction usually goes through these three stages to the fall itself and if you truly want to BREAK FREE you must?

        I.            Loose the love for the addiction by replacing it with the love for something else. This is the key and don’t dare think you can lose the love or your addiction without replacing that love with
something healthy. So it its bad food, try replacing it with good food. Although this may just be a start, you must understand. ALL REMEDIES THAT DO NOT TAKE TIME ARE NEVER LASTING. Just as James Hadly Chase wrote “Easy come, easy go”.

      II.            Conceiving the idea: nobody does anything without conceiving the idea that is why everything you see actually existed in the mind of a person before becoming a reality. So also it is with addictions/habits; they are pre-planned. You see yourself, for example, in bed with that girl/woman, you see yourself injecting or sniffing that drug and taking your space trip to paradise, you see yourself enjoying that hot burger/sandwich or soft drinks and your mouth is already watering.

Now here is the point! What you cannot conceive will never become a reality. If you can occupy your mind with other healthy conceptions by guarding your thought, you will win. Trust me, if you can as much conceive the idea of that habit or addictions, it is most likely that you will see it through i.e. walk towards failing again. Is hope alive?

    III.            Planning to execute: there is always a drive or energy for what appeals to you and so planning to execute isn’t a big deal. In this stage, you have some hope and you can see where half way to failing. So if you have already conceived that bad thought/plan. Idea that keeps you in that habit. Don’t proceed with the plan. The plan may include calling her/him or fix the appointment  on phone, chatting over social media in preparation , keeping money aside for that snack, drug or for that social sex worker, or anything you do that gets you ready for the fall. It could be as little as looking at the picture again or taking a walk down past memories. 

       All these constitute planning to execute and when you conceive the plan (step 1) and you plan to execute (step 2) which is already half way into the deal. We all agree that anyone who scores 50% should obtain a pass mark. This means you have passed to fail again. YES! Its tone, you just passed the half way lie and so we can literarily say, you are gonna fail again. Well maybe there is still another lifeline which you can salvage, and this brings us to the third point.

Creating the environment: all bad habits require the right environment and often darkness or secretly; they range from motels, hotels, his room, her room, your bathroom, the club, behind that building, yes that uncompleted building, that warehouse, at the basketball court, your office, in his car, the classroom at night, or anywhere that favors the addiction or habit. So here is it, this is the lifeline before the last chance, having conceived the idea and planned to execute it, DON’T GO TO THE VENUE. There are other million other ways you can go to. Just don’t go there. Thus your plans to waste. Allow your money to waste, your life will be spared; it is your victory you are trying to secure. You are not gonna die if you stay away from that venue. Is hope alive?

    IV.            The last chance: fear people ……this and this is truly the LAST moment! See the warning signs in red letters. YOUR LAST CHANCE! After this, there is no going back even though and you change your mind honestly. You may need a miracle or more to escape here. This is where that syringe is in your hands, when you are about to bite that snack, or that ice cream. When you are about to sniff that drug or light that cigarette or you have typed the url of that porn site and are about to hit enter, when you are about to wear that latex, or pull that trigger, etc

Just before you do it, say I quit on my goal (FAIL AGAIN). You still can win. Nike says “JUST DO IT”. Your own watchwords should be “DON’T DO IT (DDI)”. Here, you must find all the strength within you to RUN. All the reasons not to do it. You must halt like a mad man or madwoman, certainly violent, shout out if you must, slam that syringe, jump from that bed and run, give an excuse to buy time, throw that snack on the floor and step on it.
But remember, it’s always better not to place your foot on such slipping places. If you get past this, you have certainly won and each victory takes you closer to breaking free completely.

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