Many things are beautiful when they last. We are always fascinated when we see things maintained. Whether you are talking about a 50 years’+9+ marriage or a pen you have kept since high school.
Whatever it is, things that last gives deep joy, satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. Who wants a marriage that won’t last or a friendship that is brief, no matter how sweet it is?
Who wants
an equipment or a gadget he or she buys, NOT to last? NOBODY!

This means we all want some permanence in our lives even for life itself. No wonder when people die prematurely we say their sun set at midday! These people didn’t last, we are deeply hurt by brief things, especially relationships. Almost to the point we wished it didn’t even start in the first place.
But how do you make something last over which you have no control? Impossible I hear you say? And I completely agree with you; but what about those things we have control of or can maintain? Wouldn’t it be wise to MAKE IT LAST for as long as it can?

The phrase “make it last” is deeply associated with the words responsibility and sacrifice. The more responsible you are and the more sacrifice you make, the more your relationships and things in general will last. Is hope alive?

Few people are truly interested in making things last, especially their relationships. They let go too often too soon. This is because they no longer value the concept of things that last. They feel they can have better things and people in their lives and hurry off to the next individual is item only to realize that peace and satisfaction eludes them. They chase for the minds and end up becoming unhappy because there is no lasting thing or person with them.

They get the temporal satisfaction of a change but secretly grieve over their losses. They sound tough and threaten to move on but within seek an end to their search for true relationships or things.
More important that things that don’t last is the question why doesn’t it last? Things don’t last for many reasons among which are:
·         They feel there is an option or alternative.
·         They seek better things
·         They don’t know how to make things lasts
·         They give up too easily
·         They wait till the water runs dry.

To make your relationship last today, you must understand the following:
Ø  Zero your mind on an alternate or option
Ø  Realize there is nothing better out there for you (if you are already married)
Ø  It is up to you to make it last or not
Ø  Determine to make it last (your relationship) with all that you have.
Ø  Do not wait until the water runs dry on your relationship.

Things that last are inspirations and testimonies to others. In fact what better example can kids be given than to see their parents stay together other than a break up. Make it a goal today to make your relationship last. Save yourself unforeseen hurts, make it last. You truly can, only if you try hard enough. Is hope alive?

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