Destiny is the fixed order obtained. Destiny is an end and purpose is a means for an end. It is a predetermined end. God does not wait for the end to determine the end.
Destiny is the ultimate person you are meant to be. Destiny fulfilled is the manifestation of the real you. Talent is just a divine endowment that helps you
fulfill your purpose in life. Is hope alive?

Purpose is the means to an end. Daily decisions, through metamorphosis, develops to destiny fulfillment. Your appearance is the result of your decision. For instance, before a rational man can appear in a crazy-jean, he would have thought of the pros and cons of it in his closet before appearing outside with such. What you are seeing is just the sum total result of his decision. In short, unless retarded, what you wear, what you do, what you say, where you go per time are a simple function of what you decide.

Although your decision may be orchestrated by one factor or the other (palatable or no palatable; with choice or no choice), but the ultimate thing is that you decide before you act. Show me your attitude and I will tell you if you will go far in life or not. To tell you the power of decision, you don’t need to tell me who you are. Life will not give you what you decide unless you demand for it with every fervency and determination. Is hope alive?

Many people don’t live their self-willing decision, but live by people’s opinion about them, and at the end they become the victim of public opinion. Any decision not base on strong conviction will result in confusion. Decision taken in line with God preordained plan will not only take you to your destiny but also enhance you. A man of indecision is a waste of information.

Watch out: Fear of failure, your background can take you to the ground,
When you lack conviction of what to do, then you delay time in acting or deciding on the right thing to do. Decision, as simple has it seems, is one of the hardest thing to do in life. Most people remain what they are in life because they decide to accept fate, rather than to decide to move forward. Success is not a destination; it is a journey. In the game of success, lack of contentment is not a sin.

The easiest thing to achieve in life is failure. It is a decision you can easily make in your mind, say with your mouth, and accomplish without any stress. Life will not give you what you deserve, it will only give you what you decide. Life will not give you what you decide until you place a demand.

Man of decision will show in his action especially when he backs it up with strong determination. Lastly remember: “A great stature does not make a great man, but a great decision does”.

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