This simple sentence seems to be an extremely difficult task for many individuals. The confusion for many individuals are clearly evident in almost all areas of life.
From what to wear, to eat, to drink, to what to study, where and who to worship, what to live for, what car to buy and many other facets of human endeavor. Statistics reveals that more than 90% of humans are confused about
life in its entirety. This agrees with John legend’s song “Everybody knows but nobody really knows”. #ishopealivedotcom

In making up your mind, the problem is choice. The options are many for almost all the variables in life. But allow me to break the ice here about choice and probably burst your bubble. Choice in itself is already made before it presents itself. It is made in the mind that is why you hear things like it is not what I want. But how do you know it is not what you want?

This simply implies you have somehow, somewhere, made a choice before it ever became real. Generally, your actions are a reflection of your choices, meaning that you consciously or unconsciously gravitate towards a predetermined ideal which will illusionize as choice. To help you understand this depth of thinking, I am thinking about choice, pause a minute and ask yourself this questions. Is hope alive?

(1)   Why do I choose whatever I choose? Be it a person, car or whatever item. Many people would say, I JUST LOVE it or I JUST PREFER IT. The secret hidden in this remark is in the word JUST. It simply says, they don’t really know why but somehow they find themselves gravitating towards that thing. There is nothing like just when it comes to choice. Everything you so call choose has been pre-chosen for you. You are simply living out of a tape. This is not a psychic concept or some spiritual idea. Am only trying to help you understand that choice cannot itself be seen as the sole problem or hindrance to a person making up his or her mind on a thing.

To make your mind simply means to accept a choice, make peace with it especially if it is right. Without being able to make up your mind on whatever is in your heart, you will forever lack the energy to accomplish or follow up that thing to see it come through and realized. The inability to make up your mind is the sole reason why many people don’t know what they want and regret previous actions or choices.

But when a person makes up his mind on a thing, there is an unseen force or energy that helps and guides you towards that thing. This is the sole reason why goal setters and achievers are only those who have a clear picture in their minds, their minds have been made up concerning what they want and there is literally no going back.
Also, most often struggling with making up your mind leads to making poor decisions and poor choices.

My conclusive suggestion therefore holds as; somehow you ultimately will have to make up your mind on all things, therefore the faster you do it the quicker you can settle with your decision, work at it, improve it, improve it and enjoy it. it truly helps to be speedily decisive. You don’t want to use the entire time in life trying to make a choice or make up your mind on something only to realize you don’t have the time to live with it. Is hope alive?

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