Are you one of those people saying they have no reason to help the disabled and the physically challenged ones?
Are you one of those saying these people are irritating and disgusting? Are you one of those that hoard kindness and love to these wonderful people?

Even if you don’t care about humanity, this is more of a reason to
do so. This picture I took on my voyage recently. This poor man has no legs. He takes each step within the range of 20-30 seconds. Tears rolled down my cheek when I saw this man moving slowly like a snail. Immediately I put myself in his shoe. I try to see through his eyes. I realize this man is not only lame physically but also psychologically. I wonder what he would be thinking each day about himself.

I said he would probably be lamed psychologically because his mind may be amputated or disabled also. Who can’t be in this sorry state? Absolutely nobody! But grace speaks for me and you. It can happen to me and it may happen to you also, but we thank God for making us whole and for preventing something like this to happen to us. The question goes thus: as we focus on ourselves, do we snub or neglect people like this in the SOCIETY? Is hope alive for them at all?

I asked myself, “Am I better than this man, or has he sinned more than I do?” but I observe NO was always the answer. All I have is that I enjoy grace and privilege a bit more than he does. I also got to know that one of the ways I can be thankful to God is to reach out to people like this in the society. Touch their lives and give them reason to smile, and the reason to live.
Are you still there underestimating the power of your action? Do you still think you cannot contribute to humanity unless you become one of the wealthiest man? You think because human race is cruel AND CALLOUS, you wouldn’t contribute your quota in lifting the dreams of the less-privileged?

Hang this rightly on your neck: “to whom much is given, much is expected..." Although you might not have much in terms of finances, know that you've been blessed beyond measures through the gift of life. Today, rise from your zone of comfort, ignorance and ingratitude, and radiate the effect of such a blessing to those who don't have the same privilege you enjoy by grace. IS hope alive?

Your happiness and rewards should come when you see the unhappy becomes happy, the hopeless becomes hopeful, and when you touch a life to put smile on “the face” again. Raise someone’s hands today and see where your hands would be.

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`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````     BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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i care for humanity, and I will keep doing it without hiccups

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