I heard Olisa Metuh wants to refund 400 million. I heard Amosu has refunded 2.1 billion Naira. I heard Dasuki is dining in jail for diverting 2.1billion dollars arms deal. I heard Femi-Fani kayode is contemplating to refund some.
I heard Fayose told the EFCC to read some verses of the bible before prosecuting him. I heard Obanikoro ranted after been traced to. I heard Saraki was shivering because of fear of jail. I heard Abia Governor elect was arraigned because of
money laundering. I heard the once untouchable Madueke is refunding billions of dollars. I heard and I heard till tears started rolling down my cheek. I read till I wanted no more. Is hope alive?

What were they thinking when they decided to swallow such a heavy meat alone? Let us use Metuh’s loot as a case study. Can you imagine if the 400 million naira looted by Metuh alone is used in paying salary of workers that earn an average of N 50,000 a month. Definitely, the N 400,000,000 would be used to pay 8,000 workers without hiccups. Just ONE MAN stole for himself and his family while over 8000 workers are crying of for lack of payment.

Why do you pity them now that they are dancing to the music they played for themselves? It is there season to be exposed, irrespective of the political party they come from. The question that should spur in our mind is that “if not for the emergence of the new government would we have known that these callous-minded people have mindlessly stolen our treasures for themselves alone”?
Witch or Wizard hunting, or any name you wanna call it, what do we call someone that embezzle or loot for himself and his families, money and resources that belong to millions of heads? If I will go by the definition of what is running through your mind now, I believe we would call them no other name but a “THIEF”. Is hope alive?

And the question is can or should a thief be justified, supported and encouraged? Are these not the same people in the government that made the law for imprisonment of 7 years for a common citizen that steal a phone worth just 20 thousand naira or less? And some “I-don’t-know how-to-describe” people are saying war against corruption is a witch hunt? What were the opposition parties doing that they didn’t fight the same war when they were in control of the government? Well, probably their hands were not too clean to wage the war”

Nigerians wake up, wake up! These people do not worth fighting for or risking your lives for; they have sold us. They are reveling in riches while an average Nigeria is murmuring and starving. Their children are out there abroad enjoying riches you are I are laboring and sweating for, and they are using other people’s children to carry placards for support despite the fact that they stole these resources. Stop selling your future and the future of your unborn children to these cunning people. If I count them by number they are not up to a million, yet they are giving over 160 million people headache. Is hope alive?

Can you imagine this act of wickedness, when a governor opened his mouth and say he has no money to pay his workers’ salaries, yet billions of dollars is traced to his account that cannot be accounted for? What a callous act!

Watch out of the episode two of this topic
Learn more about these people soon:
Umaru Fintiri, 1.9billion
Alex Badeh, over 1miilion dollars in his home,
Abba Moro over 676million,
Oguntoyibo, Jafaru, Dokpesi, among others who are under the shelter of EFCC in Kuje prison. 

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```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO


corruption has deeply rooted Nigeria. what is our hope?

when is nigeria going to grow from all this wickedness

Good write up. These people need to be stoned. Especially those one whose children are in abroad enjoying and schooling g while they told the poor to have %. They have ten police attached to each person while the masses are dying of insecurity day by day. The are holier than the holiest but are surounded by currupt and most wanted thieves. May God punish them. Op please shout a big amen

you heard and you heard ....but you didn't hear that Fashola stole billions from Lagos and the little 75million for website that would have led to the discovery of billions of stolen wealth if investigated was shoved beneath carpet.

you also didn't hear that IBB stole trillions and refused to appear before the oputa panel and nothing happened.

You also didn't hear that Abacha looted funds have been diverted by this administration.

you didn't hear that Rotimi Amaechi stole billions from rivers and nothing happened.

you didn't hear that billions of dollar was left in the treasury but this administration said nothing was found.

until you know that the thieves you mentioned are little boys compared to the bigger thieves catching them,then u would advocate for an all out revolution.

Na wa ooo... very serious! Na only pdp members dey corrupt. Other na Saint

Sir, u are still not getting the point. I'm not being biased. I'm not on anybody's side. We all know they are bird of a feather. The crux is we the youth have to wisen up, and refuse any form of manipulation and deception by our leaders. When the PDP get there in 2019, they should even do more in sniffing out the thieves in APC. The game should continue, but all we want is to get rid of corruption, which is one of the problems affecting the growth of the country. Plz don't think narrowly by saying I'm taking the side of APC. They are all thieves. I'm all behind the masses that are suffering because of their acts. The youths should wisen up and correct the wrongs of our parents and our leaders. Plz we don't need to argue each other. Let stand together and counter these people. Looters can't be justified, irrespective of the party he or she is coming from. Vote for a new Nigeria. You can abuse me if you lik, but one thing should stand, Nigeria must transform for good. God bless Nigeria

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