I don’t know what you are passing through right now. I don’t know what makes you cry in the closet; that thing that you secretly wipe your tears off just to avoid friends from noticing. I don’t know the burden in your heart that is too heavy for you to carry.

One thing I know is that the pain will not last forever. It is for a while; it is for a short moment. The tears will no longer be there. The burden will disappear. Pain is a visitor. It has no dwelling place in human’s life. It comes to teach you a
lesson. If you win, you grow better, but it destroys and damages if you give it chance to. There is more to this popular saying that: “tough time never last, but tough people do”. Is hope alive?

Pain is always the accomplice of tough time. It will only come visiting, but your response to it matters a lot. It is no good if a visitor come to win you in your abode. That is the reason why you need to rise and subdue any causative of pain in your life. If you refuse to fight what led to it, the marks or scars it leaves will never heal up on time.

I would like to share my own personal life experience with you. I was 17 years old then. While doing my Senior School Certificate Examination, SSCE, (popularly known as WAEC), there was a serious chaos and anarchy in my family, and everything was against me. Something led to something that ultimately led to me being disowned in the house. I was to have a Chemistry examination the day after the night I was disowned. I had not revised the subject during the day and it was raining heavily in the night. I had to move to the neighboring uncompleted building that night to prepare.

I tried all my best to wipe away the tears, subdued the pain and managed to focus on revising the books for the exam the next day. I wouldn’t deceive you, it wasn’t easy for me but I plucked up the courage and kept on reading. I knew then that whether I like it or not, I needed to pass the exams, because at the end nobody would listen to my excuse; the reason why I failed the exam will never be justifiable. I made a good result, although average (not up to what I would have gotten on a normal circumstance). I knew the problem I was facing wouldn’t last long, and I tried my best to make sure that the scar it left in my life was minimal. Is hope alive?

Had it been I wallowed in my pain and sorrow, and I refused to read then, the wound the problem would have caused might have been a very lasting one. Probably after overcoming the problem I would still be struggling with a bad result, and eventually would have led to me writing exams over again.

One thing you need to know is that “you can never have an excuse for failure in life; nobody is ready to listen to your cock and bull story, and beside you don’t even have gut to tell people”. From my story, if after many years, I was still writing exams over again, would I have any reason to tell people the reason why I failed my first exams? Will people listen to me at all? These are the same questions I want you to ask yourself? No excuse for failure in life!

So, my dear friend, don’t allow your present unpalatable difficult situations stop you from doing what should be done at the right time. I understand there are bad situations that can be overwhelming and really devastating, but I beseech you today to keep moving with endurance. Don’t let it leave a future regret and pain in your life. Pluck up your courage and subdue the pain. I may not know the intensity of the pain you are passing through right now, but one thing I am 100% sure of is that the pain will never last. It is for a short moment. Commit it to God, be optimistic and be hopeful. Is hope alive?

No condition is permanent in life. So no pain will remain forever. What matters most is how you manage everything around you during the devastating period of pain. This especially involves necessary things in your life THAT MUST BE DONE during the hard times.

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The only thing that so painful is when the person you love and trust will betrayed you.

If that's wat makes u cry

Then u really have no issue

Oh I cried a thousand times. undecided

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