One way or the other you would have heard of the statement “the good, the bad and the ugly”. But have you ever sat break the statement, and figure out the meaning for each segment that makes up the statement? The good and the bad are quite easy to know.
Apparently because good means something “good” and “bad is just the direct opposite to good, which means not

Before you proceed in reading this article, I want you to know in every ramification of your life, and anywhere you find yourself, there are always the good, the bad and the ugly. So more of a reason for you to understand how to study and deal with such people.

Yes, when we say something is bad, we know it is something a rational human being doesn’t want to encounter, be it in a situation or in a person. Also we know the bad people are people we don’t want to relate with in life, but one thing I want you to know is that you have got something worse than the bad, and that is “the ugly”. They, the people or the situation is as ugly as the word ugly itself. They are terrible than the bad, disgusting and I’m sure you don’t want to meet them in life. Hmm, is hope alive?

They are no other thing but the wolf in the sheep’s clothing. They are the green snake in the green glass. They are the chameleon in human’s form; the hypocrites! If you can know the bad person, you are safe (in your life, your business, work, marriage, friendship, relationship, etc.) to some extent. But if you don’t know the ugly, you are absolutely not safe, except God is with you.

The ugly are always the negatively dynamic hypocritical creatures around. They laugh with you, smile at you, dine with you, share ideas with you, advise you, and lots more. But behind you are exactly the opposite. They are called “the snake”. They are neither good nor bad, but they specialize in biting the foot behind you. They tell you “A”, when they know it is “B” you need. They cunningly push you to the peak and then throw you down where nobody will be there to rescue you. Is hope alive?

The ugly is never the intermediary between the good and the bad. They are just on their own fighting for what benefits. They pretend to be good, but they are not, and simultaneously they would never portray bad. Again I say, you don’t want to meet them in your life
They work with you, painstakingly study you and they quietly know the in and out, and the gritty of your life. They know your weakness and strength because you have been too loose to them. They manipulate you to the point that you easily trust your life with them.  You leak your secret easily to them.

Eventually when they remove their sheep clothing for you to see the real wolf unfold, it may be too late for you. Don’t think they don’t exist. They actually do! They are right there around you.  They are amidst your friends, your families, your place of work, your church, your mosque, to mention a few. They are all round you, but they have blindfolded you with fake love, affection and sweet words.
The funniest thing is that at some point in your life, you saw a glimpse of their true color and secret tends to unfold to you, but you wouldn’t want to believe it, because you have been forged and coaxed not to believe the truth about them. That is blindfolding, simply because they have penetrated and infiltrated your blood, spine and marrow.  

But I’ve got a remedy for you not to fall into their trap, and it is simple, “trust nobody but yourself”. President Barrack Obama once said his best friend in the white house is his dog. That is short but an ambiguous statement. Even if you are going to trust, trust God, the Creator of the Cosmic host who gives neither leverage nor condition for loving you deeply.  Even the holy bible confirms, “the heart of man is desperately wicked”. Run away from the ugly. They alter your life gradually until they finally get their best shot to destroy you.

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