It is in no doubt that Nigeria is facing serious challenges across all sectors. But for the purpose of this write-up, I would be focusing on the effect of the salaries some of the state governments refuse to pay workers,
the adverse effect it is having now, and the debilitating effects it may have in the future if not quickly checked. Is hope alive?

On my recent voyage from Lagos to Kano, I had the chance to find a seat at the rear end of the bus. As I was thinking about the state of Nigeria and why things are going wrong in Nigeria, I heard three women beside me discussing about the hardship in their respective communities, among others. They were discussing unpaid workers’ salaries and the likes.

From their conversation I observed that one of them is a teacher. What really caught my attention was when they were using one of their colleagues’ story as the point of their discussion. This colleague of hers and the husband are both teachers working under Oyo State government. They said the government has refused to pay the couple (general teachers’ salaries) for the past six months. From their discussion, they said these couple have four children; three of which are in the higher institution and the last one in the secondary school.

And if I can remember vividly what the governor of the state in question said, he said: “the government has no money to pay the people”. I’m neither attacking Oyo state Government nor the governor himself, only using it as a case study among other states in the country, whose government is making the citizens suffer hell from lack of salary payment.  
I wonder a government that doesn’t care about the welfare of the citizens at all. They give no damn about how we live and how we survive. They care not about us, but about themselves and their families. Is hope alive?

The question is: what does the government expect this kind of couple to live on for the period of 6 months? Even if they keep borrowing, they will exhaust the grace from their lenders. I think of their children in the higher institutions. I put myself in their shoes and I wonder how they manage every day.

All my life, I’ve always been hearing that there is no money to pay salary for the citizens, or money to carry out implementation of infrastructures, but I’ve never heard that the government has no money to pay the salaries and allowances of the political post holders, who sit down there thinking with their bellies. I have always heard no money in the treasuries yet some people are burying money under the ground in the farm (YES, happening in Nigeria if you have not heard).

No money in Ekiti has always been the complaint, yet someone is using billions of Naira to buy 6 magnificent houses that he will not live in at once. Now the trend is that they use the holy scripture to justify their actions. They deceive us that they read bible at night every day, but they didn’t read the part that told them not to embezzle from the arms deal. They forget the part that said greediness and selfishness is a sin. Yet some Nigerians are still falling for their snaky deception. Nigerians wake up! Don’t let us be over-religious and remain blindfolded from the truth.

Nigerians are suffering, “they” are smiling. Even stolen funds are traced to their children and housemaids account. We know, but we keep silence. Our silence is not stupidity, but… Warn them if you are their children because Nigerians will rise one day.  Watch out for the next episode.

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``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO


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