When the challenges do not seem like ceasing. You spontaneously jump into another problem when you think you almost solved one. When the failure continues despite the fact that you keep giving your best. It is as if the world is completely against you.
Sometimes it appears as if there is no God or probably God has forgotten your existence. Nothing keeps changing, nothing seems changing. Probably deep within, you know you have done your possible best as human.

Are you depressed because you are not loved, you are rejected, abused, disappointed, cheated, jilted, underrated, castigated, humiliated, or because of failure, ill-luck, bad luck, or due to any other reason that you and only you understand? CONTINUE READING

You have cried till you have no strength to cry any longer. You have prayed and fasted and nothing seems changing; instead you keep failing.  Failure upon failure, disappointment upon disappointment. Everything just appear not to be working in your favor. You are on the verge of giving up. Sometimes the thought of suicide scrape through your mind. Is hope alive?

Then you keep asking yourself what is the next thing. You know rightly that you are not where you are supposed to be right now. Hmm, nothing is working, but will you give up right now? Have you ever seen a quitter that wins? Have you ever seen a determined man that got beaten?
It is too early for you to quit. Worry has never solved problem of human; it can only add to it. So of all things you want to think of doing next, suicidal thought should not be an option. Life itself is hope. In as much as there is life, hope abounds.

Not even the obviously-seem-happiest man, the wealthiest man, or the healthiest man is free from the spirit of depression. I don’t know the intensity of the depression you are passing through right now, but I hope this write up can go a little in mitigating and probably providing solution to that rough mood of yours.

“The only time for human being to be happy is the present because the past gives nothing but regret, and the future, uncertainties and worry”. What you should ask yourself now is: “since yesterday was regret and tomorrow, uncertainties, then why should I remain sad and depressed”? You need to enjoy your “today” while you can. Don’t let depression seize the moment from you. Depression impedes you from the enjoyment of today; reminds you the mistakes of yesterday and it carves the future to seem bleak and gloomy for you. If you wouldn’t rise to fight today, you would be deprived of today’s joy, and affect, negatively, the joy of the morrow. Lift your spirit today as you can only be your self’s impetus.

GO TO YOUR KNEEL: If you’d believe, there is no battle you fight faithfully on the kneel that will not be conquered. If you look to the right and to the left, and it seems all hope is lost, or you think there is nobody their again for you, take to the kneel, at the corner of your room, and say a sincere 15minutes prayer. Relax yourself and allow THE ALMIGHTY to perform His work.
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