The NYSC Charity and Gender CDS group (Kano State Chapter) visited the Kano Central prison, besides the Emir's Palace, Kano State.
The main focus of this visitation is to show love & concern & to give hope to the inmates that people out there still care for them & wish them a better life afterwards.

The Youth Corps Members under Charity and Gender CDS group donated materials such as
·         Garri,
·         Groudnut cakes,
·         Slippers,
·         Toothbrushes,
·         Toothpastes,
·         Sanitary pads,
·         Palm oil,
·         Fairly-used clothes & shoes,
·         Detergents,
·         Disinfectants, etc.

Over hundred (100) youth Corps Members of the CDS group were in attendance. The officials of the prison told us that there are over 1600 inmates in the Kano Central Prison.

We also had the opportunity of paying the fines/bailing out two inmates who were first-timers at the prison house,sentenced but with an option of fine.

The president (Fadairo Olukayode) of the group, in his speech to the other members, appealed to all the youth Corps members in Nigeria to contribute more positively to their societies irrespective of their religious or cultural background. He told them that their service to Nigeria is incomplete without their service to humanity.

The Schedule officer of the group, during his interview, said that the NYSC Charity and Gender Community Development Service Group is an arm of the National Youth Service Corps, which is dedicated to humanitarian services of creating a future for the less privileged Children, providing help to the mentally retarded, physically challenged and other vulnerable groups in the society, of which the inmates in the prison are not excluded. He said the CDS group also seek to promote gender equilibrium through the promotion of equal responsibilities, rights, opportunities for both women and men, girls and boys; correct human rights abuse through the use of facilities provided by various care-givers in some existing rehabilitation homes. He also commended the absolute commitment & passion exhibited by the corps members in the group in the discharge of their secondary assignment, thereby making a passionate appeal on philanthropic individuals & organizations in the society to always assist well-meaning youth groups like this who are focused on bettering the lot of the less privileged persons in our society.

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