I wish I can write a letter to God. I wish I can see Him face to face and express my feelings to Him. I wish I can express my grievances to Him.
I wish I can ask Him why me again? I wish I can talk to Him because I’ve got no strength to confront any man again. Why are things not working despite my prayers?

Probably the frustration of life has pushed you to the stage of asking God the above questions. You have done all your best. You have cried to
God and it seems He is not listening, or perhaps it seems He has forgotten your existence. Nothing seems to be working for you. Is hope alive at all is your last thought?

At the verge of giving up on God? No, No, No, please don’t! Do you know a second is too much for God to transform your situation? Probably He is trying to test your patience. Probably He is trying to know how faithful you can be in time of trouble and difficulties.

I may not know His plan for your life but two things I am very much sure of; He cannot be questioned because of His sovereignty, and the thought He has for you is not of evil, but of good and to give you an expected end. He understands all, even before you were born, he knows your end. The fact that “it seems” He hasn’t answered doesn’t mean he is deaf to listen to you. He is right there; he sees the tribulation you are passing through, and He knows the best to do per time.

Though your future promises to be great, the road doesn’t promise to be smooth for you. Most of the time the hard way is always the only way. The greatest mistake a man can ever make in life is not when he/she refuses to believe in himself/herself, but when he/she decides to give up on God. When such fellow think God’s mighty hand is not big enough to save him, or when he thinks God is not mighty enough to turn his/her situation around.

You want to circumvent or curtail what you shouldn’t? You think at one corner of your room, and you conclude ignorantly that a shortcut to success is the streamlined way out. You forgot that most times, “the hard way is the only way”, and those who will be diligent, persistent and fervent enough will eat the fruit of the land.

Do you know what shortcut brings? My friend, it shortens your life! It brings your life to a miserable end when it supposed to begin its’ true fulfillment. You end up like a hapless piece of shit when you ought to be as strong as the eagle.

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