As a student, you forgot to submit your assignment but you didn’t forget to eat before you go out. Will you be boastful enough to justify the former against the later? Even forgetfulness may not be an excuse for failure in life.

As there is practically no excuse for doing wrong, there is no excuse for failure in life. The most interesting thing is that
nobody is ready to listen to your story; the reason why you fail.  and beside you don’t even have the gut to tell people. So do today everything you have to do at the right time to avoid trivial excuses tomorrow. Is hope Alive?

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The easiest thing to achieve in life is failure. It is a decision you can easily make in your mind, say with your mouth, and accomplish without any stress. The fact is “life is not fair” is nobody but your own business ultimately. Who give a damn when you open your mouth and say “me and Lionel Messi started together, but I couldn’t succeed because life is not fair to me”.

Some of my Friends do think I’m foolish when I punish myself for my failure. People will always sympathize with you when you fail, especially when it is obvious you have given your best to something but it ended up not in a success. The tragic part is that it is the same set of people that once sympathized with you that will mock you behind when you start facing the consequence of your failure. Men are always looking for the best opportunity to mock you when you fail.

Understanding this fact makes me avoid people showing sympathy when I failed. I’m always my first critics. Instead of lingering and wallowing in what people say to console, I stay away, look for a solitude, and a better way to re-strategize and re-energize. Most of those people you see around you are happy for your failure than your success (a bitter fact, but the truth). They are waiting for the best moment to make reference to how all your struggle ended in vanity. They wonna use that to mock you. perhaps some of them are sitting in the corner saying “let us wait and see what will end his hustle and struggle”.

Even when the situation is painful, but you still know you have some “inevitable” activities to do, try your best to garner all the strength and pluck up your courage so that the pain doesn’t give a lasting scar on you.
One thing I certainly know is that the pain will not last. It is for a while; it is for a short moment. The tears will no longer be there. The burden will disappear. Pain is a visitor. It has no dwelling place in human’s life. It comes to teach you a lesson. If you win, you grow a better man, but it destroys and damages if you give it chance to. There is more to this popular saying that: “tough time never last, but tough people do”. IS hope alive

There is a great margin between LOSING and A LOSER. A man is not confirmed a loser until he quits. A team is not dear confirmed the loser until the final whistle is blown. This is a simple natural phenomenon of life. No man on earth has the right to call you a loser until you, yourself, have decided to give up. Also in a battle, have you ever seen a side declared a winner until the moment the losing side surrenders? Even if it remains one person to be killed, and the last man standing refuses to give up, the other winning side would never be crowned as winner. One more question I want you ponder on is that “have you ever seen a determined man that was beaten before”?

 Another great and significant difference between a winner and a loser is that while a winner focuses on winning, a loser will focus on the winner. 

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