Many people don’t live their life, but live by people’s opinion about them, and at the end they become the victim of public opinion.
Any decision not base on strong conviction will result in confusion, and by virtue of that, they get easily derailed by people’s perception about them.

The reason why some people remain stagnant in life is
not always due to their inability to do great things or make exploit, but it is down to the fact that they have subconsciously succumb and daily live by people’s opinion. Remember, if you refuse to do exploit in life, you will be exploited by life. Let me clarify the previous statement; when you live by other people’s opinion about you is when you refuse to grow beyond and always choose to be subdued under everything people say about you. You get motivated only when they motivate you and you get easily discouraged anytime they discourage you. Is hope alive?

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 You don’t even know who really you are. You cannot practically define yourself; you don’t even know your purpose in life. All you know about yourself is that you “A JUST ENTITY CREATED STARKLY TO EAT AND DRINK, AND TO SURVIVE TO SEE ANOTHER DAY”. Subconsciously you lose confidence in yourself. You can no longer trust your own judgment. You have indirectly turn yourself into a football that can be played anyhow and into any direction.

When you lack conviction of what to do, you are predisposed to swaying around easily by what people say, which doesn’t really matter. Decision, as simple as it seems, is one of the hardest thing to do in life. Most people remain what they are in life because they decide to accept fate, rather than to decide to move forward, and repel people’s negative perception about them. Their inability to stand for something make them easily fall for anything. Is hope alive?

For instance, Mr. “A” said to you, oh boy, I know you can never climb more than two stairs in the building because literarily you’ve got no physical strength, or any other thing it takes to make it to the top. A man without conviction, focus and self-belief will begin to ponder on this trivial statement, then begin to doubt himself, and subconsciously asking himself, “what if Mr. A’s comment about me was right”?

Sometimes their words come like this to you: “I don’t see any good thing coming out of your life; you don’t look like someone that can ever amount to any great thing; stop wasting your time and energy and it will be better if you settle for the little you have; can’t you see that things don’t work in your favor? If I were to be you, I would have quitted and face the truth. WATCH OUT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE; COMING OUT SOON!

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