Should it be the end of the journey for us? What happened last time was no other thing but a mistake, which was eventually too costly for me to bear.
I tried my best explaining to you but you wouldn’t give me the chance to spit it out, and it seems you have zeroed out your mind not to hear me out. Well, I call that unjust because no man is infallible. We all have a shared predisposition of
making mistakes in life. See the remorse in my face!

I didn’t know how much I had loved you until this very moment. I didn’t know how much my heart cares about you until now. I used to think love is blind until I realized individual flaws is an eye-opener. I didn’t know I was having a diamond in the gutter until I mishandled it and saw it shining far away from my reach. Is hope alive?
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Could you please do a favor for me now? Pause a bit at this moment. Close your eyes and flash your mind back. Think of the beautiful moments we spent and shared together. Think of the day I was right beside you, holding your hands and cooing like a bird into your ears. Think of the day you promised always to love me. I believe it wasn’t a lip talk, but a reality and subconscious chemistry between us, which is somehow inexplicable to any man.

Listen to that part of your heart that is telling you to give me another chance. Show me one relationship that holds firm today, or any relationship that stood the test of time, and I will tell you where they once came short. I will tell you their shortcomings and how they both maturely dealt with it, and ultimately took positive out of all their haphazard challenges.

Our better moment together is yet to come, and this may never come unless you find a place in your heart to forgive me. A place in your heart that is positive. A place in your heart that appreciates love and its true value. Is hope alive?

I just wish you can see in yourself what I see inside of you. If you do, you will also fall in love with yourself; you will know you are too precious to be taken for granted. You are my world, my everything. Not until now, I didn’t know love has another meaning, which is “LIFE OF VIRTUE EXIST”. I was too busy to know that life of virtue truly exists in someone like you. I was so blindfolded to see you are more than a virtuous guy/lady. 

I checked through my Webster Dictionary, I couldn’t find a word to describe you, both simple and ambiguous. I can’t call you a friend, because you are more than a friend to me. I can’t call you a buddy because I can never bud you out of my stem of life. You’ve been my morale when I’m low, my motivator when I’m weak, my impetus when I’m slow; you are just my pillar. Can a man be called “A MAN” without his/her world? You are my world. I LOVE YOU STILL. Is hope alive?

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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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