topic 94: CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME , Olukayode Fadairo (episode 1)

#ChangeBeginsWithMe. If it is by virtue of righteousness, I would rather not deserve to write this article, but for the sake of confession, sincerity, truthfulness, National growth and development and for fairness and just,
I am penning down this article, not only for you the readers, but also for me the writer; to checkmate and to purge out myself because of my undefinable and inexplicable love for my fatherland, Nigeria. I can categorically say this:  CHANGE TRULY BEGINS WITH ME, OLUKAYODE FADAIRO.

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I might not have committed atrocities like our past leaders have done and I might not have stylishly padded budgets like our present leaders are doing. I might not have embezzled and stolen the national treasures like some gutless and heartless politicians and leaders are doing, but that does not say I am a saint either, because I realized I have done not so much as an individual to the national development and growth; instead I have long been focusing on the mistakes and the shortcomings of our leaders. I have simultaneously forgotten to remove the specks in my own eyes. Is hope alive?

The campaign “change begins with me” was launched September the 8th, 2016 by President M. Buhari, and it was at that moment that I remembered the words of President JFK, who said: “don’t think of what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. As simple as this statement portrays, a second critical look at it will give you and I a food for thought that only the sensitive and the wise people will re-again deliberate on.

Also, it is at this moment that I thought that what if everybody were to be like me (in terms of my personal contribution to my Fatherland), how will the Nation be today? Can you humbly ask yourself the same questions, and give yourself the appropriate and sincere answer to it?

That was a rhetorical question I was “sincerely” ashamed to answer within myself. I was humiliated by my conscience despite the fact that no one is around to see the physical expression of my embarrassment. Nigeria remain what it is today because we have many more replica/human copy of the corrupt-hearted, the bad, the nonchalant, the callous, the wicked, etc. than do have the truly good that care about the success of Nigeria. How can a nation grow when the population of the selfish are far more than the selfless (those who put the interest of the nation first before their own interest)?  Is hope alive in Nigeria?

Admit or dispute this: it is not the Campaign promises of President Buhari or his allies that will bring the change we want in Nigeria. It is not Obasanjo, or any other economic guru that can proffer the solution. Even dividing Nigeria today can never contribute anything good to the progress of this nation. You may take Nigeria from us but you can never take the spirit of Nigerians from us. And don’t forget, our problem is not because we are in Nigeria, but because the Nigerians in Nigeria are our problems.

Our problem in Nigeria is not the economic recession, it is not the outrageous drastic fall in naira, it is not the ridiculous Boko Haram, it is not the Biafra agitators, it is not the callous corrupt leaders, and finally it is not because it seems God has forsaken us in Nigeria. Our problem is because of lack of change, which start rightly from the individual. We can fast and pray till tomorrow, yet things may aggravate for us in Nigeria. #ChangeBeginsWithMe.  

If you ask me how I how know this, I will refer you to WATCH OUT FOR THE EPISODE TWO
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I hope our leaders will take the #changebeginswithme serious.

this is one of your best write ups so far. Go will bless Nigeria ooo

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