topic 95: CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME, Olukayode Fadairo (Episode 2)

Our problem in Nigeria is not the economic recession, it is not the outrageous drastic fall in naira, it is not the ridiculous Boko Haram, it is not the Biafra agitators, it is not the callous corrupt leaders, and finally it is not because it seems God has forsaken us in Nigeria.
Our problem is because of lack of change, which start rightly from the individual. We can fast and pray till tomorrow, yet things may aggravate for us in Nigeria.

If you ask me how I how know this, I will refer you to what the Holy Scripture says. “If my people, which are called by name, shall humble themselves, and
turn (CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME) from their wicked ways, then I will heal their land”. This is enough to show us that even if we keep praying ignorantly that God should intervene into our situation, and we fail to turn away from our evil ways, there are high chances that our prayer may continually be to no avail, unless Mercy Speaks for us.  #ChangeBeginsWithMe.    

How can a change begin with me?
The change we need in Nigeria will never happen spontaneously or by chance. It will not start as a group. It will never start as a church or as a mosque. It will never start as a tribe or as a religion. And most importantly, it will never start as a Nation, it will only start as an individual and then followed as a family, and ultimately spread to the nation. #ChangeBeginsWithMe. 

I try to think and make some crucial research about the problems we face in Nigeria and how it all starts (probable ways). I realize the problem starts right from our individual hearts. Our hearts and mindset are not right towards Nigeria, and that is obvious through our reaction to our fellow Nigerians, to our leaders and to our duties as a citizens of Nigeria. Is hope alive?

In a nut-shell, when the phrase “change in a nation” sounds in our ear, the two most important factors that can bring about the actualization of this are the individual change (from our heart) and the change from our family.
On this notion, I stand to plead with our parents, our teachers and our religious leaders to start a positive change within themselves because the fate of the change of the Nation starts with them, guided by them, and ultimately (which is also the most important) can be established by God (not any human).

Let’s analyze these together:
Have you been faithful and guiltless in the following ways:
·         Are you guiltless of creating wealth by exploiting and duping other people?
·         Are you guiltless of accusing, abusing, and cursing your leaders?
·         Are guiltless of clamouring for “Nigeria must break”?
·         Are you guiltless of not seeing anything good about Nigeria?
·         Can you sincerely say to yourself, “I am a good follower?”              
·         Where do you throw your used nylons or wraps after eating junks or cookies?
·         Are you guiltless of jumping the queues always?
·         Do you truly account for every penny or any public fund in your charge?
·         Are you guiltless of bribe and other related scandals?
·         Are you guiltless of nepotism?

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