So as a guy who is trying to win a lady’s heart, you have to make it right, and the best way to do that is to try as much as possible to make it a direct contact.
Get the correct body language and see the correct feelings. Let her know you are really serious about her. Guys are moved by what they see
which is why most of them prefer to communicate through chats, but ladies are moved by what they hear and feel.

Most times the lady might begin to wonder; “what if there were no phones, would he keep asking me out?” or is it because he is bored, and since he has enough data on his phone, he decides to give it another trial since he has nothing to lose?” Chats, Phone calls, message should be a backup and not the main platform for a serious communication!

Furthermore, never expect a YES instantly from a lady even when you have a good motive, use a good approach method she might still give you a No. You shouldn’t blame her for that because most ladies are usually slow in making their decisions most especially when it comes to relationship issue.
I discovered that majority of ladies usually get proposals from more than one guy at a time.
 So it’s now left for you to show her why she should pick you among the rest. I’m not saying you have to start buying her things or begin to promise her heaven and earth. This is a mistake most guys make. They believe once they are able to shower gifts on a lady, her attention will be subconsciously drawn to him. Is hope alive?

Even if she does because of the gifts you buy for her, the moment you stop doing that, the lady begins to doubt the love he claims to have towards you. I will advise you not to  start what you can’t finish!. I said earlier that it is important to get the right motive from the onset and let love guide because when you love someone, you will show it in diverse ways consciously and unconsciously.

And lastly ensure you pray over it. God knows what you like and what is good for you. If you are being sincere about your feelings towards a lady, then feel free to let your heavenly Father knows about it. You can imagine what a proposal with God as a backup will look like…

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