One thing I have realized over time is that God has a special plan for every man on earth. But not every man key into this special plan due to some factors.

The fact that there is no clear evidence of God’s better plan in some people’s life, is not because God doesn’t have the initial plan for them, or neither is it that God had refused to fulfill these special plans, but because some people have
ignorantly failed to tick some of the boxes necessary for the evidence to manifest. While some didn’t tick the box at all, some people are busy ticking the wrong boxes, some are ticking the right boxes at the wrong time and vice versa, and the last group are those that have no resources to tick their boxes at all. Is hope alive?

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Patiently read this article, know the group you fall and get tips on what to do next...

THE GROUP THAT REFUSES TO TICK THE BOX AT ALL: these are the set of people that wants riches and other good things of life, but they have refused to work for what they actually desired, or probably what they think they deserve. They are the feeble-minded lazy ones. What is in your hand for God to bless? Even at the season of blessing, there is nothing in your hand to be multiplied. It is like multiplying 1,000,000 by zero. It will eventually give zero. The ones that sleep and wake up doing nothing, and expect miracle of riches and blessing to come without working. Some of them hypocritically spend their time going to mountains, churches or mosques to pray to a God that Himself, isn’t a lazy God (evidence of Creation proves that; and God rested on the 7th day). Well a futile prayer be it.

THE GROUP THAT TICK THE WRONG BOX: These are the LOST ONES. Some term it ill-luck. It disheartens me because it seems the life doesn’t seem to be fair on them. The ones with the intrinsic energy and the willpower to work for what they truly wanted. The ones that are always there at the right time, but always find themselves ticking the wrong boxes any time they try to. Well, many factors may contribute to this. As for the part of this world (Africa), spiritual FORCES (beyond mere explanation), can be a major factor. Some may be due to generational causes or jinxes. They always take the wrong boxes for the right boxes. They keep working day and night relentlessly, yet no tangible result for their effort.  As a proverb would say “working like an elephant, but eating like a rat. Perhaps, the only solution for this group is a special intervention by God himself. Seek the face of God more…
THE GROUP THAT TICK THE RIGHT BOXES AT THE WRONG TIME: this is the group I called THE REGRETFUL. The ones that have spent their best days on trivial and wrong things of life. The ones that refused to arrange the hierarchy and principle of life and time rightly and proportionately. They have wasted their natural resources, strength, and vigor on the wrong things or in the wrong places. Now all they are left with is regret. They regret their pasts, they regret and rue the chances they refused to seize. These group can be again divided into two. The first are the ones that, at the point realizing their mistakes, had no more strength to continue because they believe it is too late.  The other subgroup are the ones, who still summon the courage to continue at the point of realization. They are the ones who start doing, at the age of 50, things they should have done back in their 20s. Hmm, may God have mercy.

THE GROUP THAT TICK THE WRONG BOXES AT THE TIME RIGHT: I term this group the MISSER, but theirs is not more of spiritual or generational malfunction. Their problem is personal and internal. They are the ones that don’t know and understand who they truly are. They are the ones that live other people’s life or other people’s opinion because they, themselves, do not know their purpose in life. They just randomly tick the boxes life display to them. Even at their right and best time, they tick blindfolded and randomly. They are the confused ones. If they are presented with opportunities millions of time, they keep on missing it unceasingly.

THE ONES THAT HAVE NO RESOURCES TO TICK THEIR BOX AT ALL: they are the helpless and the less-privileged ones. I always and deeply feel for this group. They are the ones with the intense zeal and passion to tick the boxes, but they have got no resources to do so. No parents or families or friends to assist. Even the little that opt to help ultimately fail them and some even demand a detrimental trade-by-batter form of help from them. I know what it is to be among this category because I’m a bit part of this group. I would write 1,000,001 words on this, but I’d save it for another day; the right day.

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