Yea, you are a perfect example and epitome of beauty. It is true that a guy cannot just resist the temptation of checking on you the second time after his first glimpse on your conspicuous beauty.
It is true that you have got all it takes to intoxicate the “want-more” center of a man that set an eye on you. Without dispute, you are beautiful; even the heaven and earth can testify to that.

As I used to jokingly tell my friends, “an evidence of 6+1 working days of God (meaning God had used a 7 complete days in creating only you). You have got the anatomical figure 8 that men cannot
resist. Your presence subdues rational thinking; quite inexplicable. If we would not shy away from the truth, and without mincing words, “you are damn beautiful”. But do you think that your beauty is all?

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Do you think the beauty is permanent in life? Do you think the beauty will fetch you the happiness of life? Have you forgotten, “no forever, nothing last forever?” Have you forgotten that the beauty will fades out one day? Have you forgotten you age as each second ticks? My knowledge of human physiology explains to me that human’s mortal body atrophies (degenerates) as you age each day (meaning your beauty atrophies/degenerates) everyday (after a certain point of curve in the life graph), even without instant evidence of this. Is hope alive?

You have allowed your beauty to enter your head. You are on your way to an untimely and unpreventable destruction. The beauty is not enough; you have got to have far more than that. You need one more ingredients to back up your beauty, and that is your ATTITUDE. I can categorically tell you this today, “perfect beauty becomes meaningless and useless without a good attitude”.

Don’t forget this word today: “A beauty may attract a man, but good attitude attaches him to you”. Lest, it is the same beauty that magically attracts them to you that will indirectly repel them from you. A beauty without a good attitude is like a Peak milk tin without the milk in it. It is useless and it becomes a liability because it fills space in the room attracting nothing good but insects. And you know where such peak milk can belong? It belongs to the incinerator! The same can be likened to a beauty without an attitude. You don’t belong to a “HOME”.

A beauty is like an attracting magnet but with the limitation to stick, but the attitude is like the glue that pin a man down. It is true that a man is moved by what he sees, but it is far-fetched to say a man is glued by the beauty. Yes, the leg and the heart of a guy may be moved, but they will retrace their step backward, if after checking on you, he realizes you have got nothing but a poor attitude. An enticing-but-empty can!

Finally, I want you to keep this at your left hand, a man’s greatest gift is also his greatest test on earth. How you manage that beautiful thing you are endowed with is what matters at the end. In short, your own beauty (your secret weapon) is also your greatest test in your life. I beseech you friend, please manage it well. A perfect and glamorous beauty is nothing but a liability, without a good attitude.

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