There is a strong illusion, the illusion of satisfaction. Humans generally believe that the more of a thing, the better they get satisfied. However, this is not true.
This illusion is revealed when you want a better house, a better car, a more satisfying sexual experience or even a better house. Is hope alive?

The illusion is also expressed when you seek a higher degree, search for a better pay or add that extra portion to your meal. In general, the more you want or anything, the more
illusion you are about that thing, especially physical and material things.

To further explain my point, can you ask yourself these questions? Why do you feel that you are gonna get that sexual treat only with that lady you have been noticing for some time and not your wife (Probably u feel you had enough?) or why do you feel that there is something without which you cannot be happy. That thing that steals your smile, happiness and peace is only an illusion of satisfaction. I guarantee you somehow, you will achieve that thing only to realize it has left you rather barren or empty and needing more.

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The illusion of satisfaction is the moral struggle for many people today and forms an integral part of the problems of greed and corruption many societies face. They all want more, individuals, societies, government, etc. They want more respect, power, control, finance, recognition, women, men, boys, girls, sex, cars, houses, lands, degrees, experiences, etc the list is endless.

This illusion for some people becomes so strong that they hardly even remember the things they have and its worth or value. Soon, they no longer see the beautiful face of their wives or the handsome disposition of their husbands, but that which they do not have. Soon, they forget how much savings and time went into building that house or buying it, the money spent on that car which was about the best when it was built. All they can see now is the inefficiency of what they have and before long, they are drowning in the sea of the illusion of satisfaction. Is hope alive?

Let me quickly clarify an impression that may arise when you must have read up to this point. In plain terms, I am not saying that it is wrong to want the good things of life or to seek better things or a better life, my point is that it is only illusion to believe that somehow when you have gotten those things which you seek to gratify your obsessed desired, you will be satisfied. Most times, you will only want more when you get there. This reveals a secret hidden in the word satisfaction.

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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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