topic 105: Battle between The HATERS and the LOVERS of MMM, who wins this debate (PART 2)

Battle between The HATERS and the LOVERS of MMM, who wins this debate (PART 2)

 Just few days before the controversial news about the freezing/crashing of MMM Nigeria, I wrote the first episode about the above topic; not knowing what would eventually happen few days later.

NOTE: Well what happened to MMM lovers should not be used to mock them. I think they deserve to be shown more love. The fact that we refused to join this ponzi scheme doesn't turn us to a saint overnight. Many a time also, we might have made some wrong choices in life, but we were not rejected and mocked by those who made the
right choice where we went wrong. Don't underestimate the power of your tongue. What you write online stays online, and words are like eggs; once dropped, it can never be... (fill that up).  Hope is also alive for them.
Let's continue with our initial topic:
(4)    Are MMM organizers really making their profit? This is another logical aspect of the argument. The MMM LOVERS had many things to say to defend this. Some say they make their money through internet traffic. Some say they make their money because they too are participants of MMM (so they tend to make more profit). Some say they are just a charity group that are interested in helping people. Some say they just don’t want to care if MMM organizers make their money or not, and since it is making cool cash then it is making sense.

But the MMM LOVERS have contrary view about this. Some say “no, they don’t make money through internet traffic because they have got nothing they advertise on their website. They said even Mark Zuk of Facebook himself make money mostly through advert”. Some say “does it make sense for someone to establish a business, spend money on running the business 24 hours and wouldn’t want to make money through it? Meaning the MMM organizers have their own hidden agenda that may shock people ultimately.

(5)    Could there be a spiritual back up for MMM that we mere man wouldn’t understand? Some HATERS of MMM said it is only the devil that can give you a mysterious money that you didn’t work for. Some said even God worked, and God dislike laziness; as said in the Holy Books. Some also said the love of money is the root of evil. Some said it is only the devil that can promise to give you folds of money without you working rightly for it.
The MMM LOVERS said what the HATERS are saying are just trivial and insignificant. Their claim is out of the jealousy they have for them. Some said they are less concerned about where the money is coming from, in as much as it is making money, it is making sense. Some even said they believe the money is coming from the right source since it is people helping people.

The question is who will win at the end? Is it the LOVERS of MMM or the HATERS of MMM? Will MMM ultimately crash or not?
Watch out for the episode 3 of this seemingly unending battle of the gladiators?

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