Almighty God, I thank you sincerely for another adventurous and amazing year, 2016. For my life, for the lives of my families, my friends, my enemies (in case they exist, but I doubt I have one), for my state (Ogun), for my nation (Nigeria) and for everything I might not remember.
2016 was another year not to forget. Is it my failures, my struggles, my pains, my adversaries, to mention a few? But at the end, God gave me the reason to appreciate Him the more. In 2016, I was able
to serve my God, my dear nation, Nigeria, my family and I was able to serve humanity.The little impact I had in the world, which is not my world, have not been my power, neither was it by my strength, but by the grace of God. Who am I without My Creator?

In 2016, I failed many times, I felt the pain of disappointment, betrayal, failure, hustle and struggle. I was broken and humbled many times. I faced challenges I would never forget. I cried till I had no strength to cry again. I failed myself, I failed people and people failed me. I was mocked many times, but I was never fazed for once. I fell many times like a man without hope and strength, but God lifted me each time. Ultimately, my pain can never be compared to the values that were added to my life throughout the year. To God be the glory.

I met some amazing people that I will be glad to meet again in the future. They taught me and they impacted my life (some I will mention: Mr. Jonathan Gaku, Mr Wale Ibrahim, Pastor kunle Adeniregun,  Mr. Lukman Sanusi, Corp Emmanuel Okon, Corp Hauwal, Corp Ikramatu, Corp Nelly, Corp Rofiat, Corp Gift, Corp Michael, Corp Abdulkadri, Corp Asas, Corp Azeez, Corp Shalom, Corp Afeez,  Corp Sophia, Corp Ibrahim Bello, Corp Tolu, Corp Nelson, Corp Taiwo, to mention a few). You guys impacted my life so much, and I deeply appreciate.

A big shout-out to team ICENAIJA (Mr. Wale Ibrahim, Corp Tolu, Miss Mimi, baby Kairat and Mama Kairat). I’m glad I met you and I love you all.  
A big shout out to my “IS HOPE ALIVE” fans and readers throughout the world. IS HOPE ALIVE will not exist without you guys. A big shout-out to my “IS HOPE ALIVE” colleagues/contributors, right from Arowojolu Bukola, Adekanye Nelson and Barry Rexxy; to my street brothers, Ajasco, Toheeb and Tobi, to my friends out there: Idris Gafar, Fagbayi Quadri, Taiwo Kabir, Oshinaike Ope, Habeeb Toyosi, Afolagbade Jide, Adeoti Esther, Osago Rhoda, Afolakemi Akintoye, among others, I appreciate you all for your impacts in my life.

What will I eat that I will forget my awesome family, the Fatherhero Crew. Right from my Hero, mentor and father, Mr. Kolawole Fadairo, My one-in-a-million mother, Mrs. Fatima Fadairo, My great and wonderful siblings (My best team mates of life) Femi, Temitayo, Ebunoluwa and finally the baby of the house, Abiodun. I love you all. I can never have a better sibling than you all.

See you all in 2017 by the grace of God. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year (2017) in advance. God bless Nigeria, God bless you, God bless me and my family.  I love you all.

````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` OLUKAYODE FADAIRO (FATHERHERO)
Don’t mind human, do it for humanity and for God

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