Satisfaction however as opposed to the motion of many as something that arises or is found when a person gets more of a thing, is entirely a state of mind. So much so that even with little a person can live a satisfied life.
An anomaly you may call it, when you see poor people happy and living satisfied with things you would rather die than live with, or people cherishing their little possession and then you wonder what the hell is wrong with them. Absolutely, nothing! They are simply satisfied. Is hope alive?

True satisfaction comes from realizing deep within yourself that there was probably a time when you wished you could have what you now have and are not satisfied with anymore. That time, when you had less than what you have and you were still happy.
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Trues satisfaction also comes when you appreciate the fact that many people will give their lives just to have or be where u are today. And ultimately you will realize that there is a dire need to be satisfied, after all, life is gonna end someday and you don’t want to live the remaining void of happiness and laughter because of the things you don’t have. Is hope alive?
People who want more out of life can do this in a healthy way by savoring the moment of their breakthroughs and triumphs, being grateful for their accomplishment and reaching that they can choose to be satisfied instead of allowing themselves to down in the vast sea of the “illusion of satisfaction”, where they forget to live life to its fullest all because of the endless search for things they are gonna leave someday

A healthy satisfaction however co-exist with an unhealthy one when satisfaction does not deter you from improving yourself, without violating the rights of others, that is a healthy satisfaction. But satisfaction that allows you to violate the rights of others is no satisfaction at all.
Conclusively, one should be satisfied heartily. This means that one should keep striving to improve but must of a necessity be solid grateful for that which he/she has. One must never let the desire for more erode the value of what one already possess because only a satisfied can truly live, grow and prosper the right way.

The human heart cannot be satisfied with anything physical, the only hope is to choose to be satisfied after all. As you think, so you are.
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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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