topic 104: Battle between The HATERS and the LOVERS of MMM, who will win the warring debate? (episode 1)

Battle between The HATERS and the LOVERS of MMM, who will win the warring debate? (episode 1)
MMM Nigeria has been an interesting and the most controversial trend in Nigeria in the year 2016. It is such a controversy that has divided (not only physical division but also mental and perceptive division) among many
Nigerians, many homes, many friends, the Government and the citizens, to mention a few. In fact, the chain of the debate of MMM is longer than
TRUMP-CLINTON dilemma. But at the end, who will win this battle?

The interesting facts about MMM is that it gets funny sometimes and sometimes it is the ugly part that pops up. One of the funny aspect is when the Triple “M” (Moses Mikel Moses, MMM) of the Super Eagles scored against Algeria to give Nigeria the much needed win; and this gave the LOVERS of MMM a funny gut to say “even the Super Eagle of Nigeria are in to MMM”. That’s quite hilarious anyway. The other ugly part that came up few days after was a Benue man in Lagos that beat up his wife to stupor because the wife broke the family box to invest all the family savings into MMM. (hmm, this is not funny any longer).

In between the debates comes the Federal government, the House of Rep, the CBN, and the EFCC. But before I say anything about them, let’s go proper into the warring debate between the LOVERS and the HATERS of MMM. Is hope alive in Nigeria?

(1)    MMM is meant for men who can take risk? the LOVERS of MMM always maintain the stance that “Life is just about risk”, and it is only the people that can face their fear in life dear to take risk. They always mention the principle of “it is only people that take risk in life that move and progress in life, and perhaps life is about risk. Finally, the LOVERS of MMM call the HATERS coward for not taking the risk because they have swallowed their gut.

And here come the HATERS of MMM, in their defense against this notion, they would say “life is not just about taking risk, it is about taking a calculated risk, and a risk that is truly worth taking”. So why the need of taking risk that will last for a short term. Finally, the HATERS called the lover coward for not facing the ugly situation (of the recession) and fight it using a better way.

(2)    Many MMM users are greedy? This is another annoying but interesting part of the DEBATE. The MMM HATERS believes MMM is showing that most Nigerians are greedy. Despite the fact that they are being warned to only use their spare money, many Nigerians invest there ALL or almost all towards MMM. They also affirmed their greedy nature by saying most Nigerians use as many as 10 to 15 bank accounts in other to gain more profit (turning them to beggars and hunters of bank account).

The MMM LOVERS refuted this claim. Some ask the LOVERS “what is your own business if I decide to use or borrow money to do MMM?” Some said MMM is a wave, and it is only the wise and smart ones that will join the train. Some even quoted the saying that the word “POOR” means Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly”, and that is the reason why many Nigerians remain poor; just because they always pass over opportunities. They claimed it is only the smart ones that maximize opportunities anytime it arises.

Hmm, this is quite interesting!

(3)    MMM showing many Nigerians are lazy? The HATERS of MMM says MMM is just proving that many Nigerians are weak and lazy. They only want to get money without working hard for it. They claimed many Nigerians are looking for instant money that comes from less stress, and they wouldn’t want to work and create something that will work for them in the long term future

The MMM LOVERS claim it is not that they are lazy to work, but MMM seems to be the only way out of the recession in Nigeria at the moment. The LOVERS are using this as their excuse for engaging in MMM, and they put all the blames on the government for bringing hardship to the citizens (this is pretty understandable; besides, they are not stealing). Yea, the government have not done much, and their excuse can be genuine on that. At least man must eat to survive!

Another antagonism spurred from the HATERS of MMM against the lover of MMM. And it is that when MMM didn’t exist, and there was hardship in the country, didn’t we survive in Nigeria? And the LOVERS of MMM asked back, “what is your own business, haters?”

Intriguing debate!

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