Dear Nigerians, I hope my voice could be heard throughout the nation. This is my heart cry for Nigeria.
Nigerians, can’t you see that these politicians are just using us?
We become kings and queens to them when they need our support and votes prior to election, but they treat us like useless slaves when they get what they wanted. They feign lies to deceive us when they most needed us. They truly don’t care for the masses but for their families and themselves.

They are telling our gullible youths to rise and “shoot them back when they shoot at you; machete them when they machete you, axe them when
they axe you”.  Imagine! Why can’t they tell their children and wives to carry guns and lead the war? See them, selfish, callous and ridiculous set of people.

Their wives are out there under air conditioned roof. Their children are overseas living like princes and princesses, yet they are ordering another man’s children to go and carry gun and axes, and defend for them their own greediness and selfishness.

Nigerian youths, they promise us an infinitesimal stipend from the bags of money they have stolen (and still stealing), and they would still tell some ignorant f**ls to be killing themselves while “they” stay alive to enjoy the money. What a crazy world!

They move around in fully air-conditioned jeeps and SUVS; with their wives and children squandering and lavishing what your father and my father are sweating to work for, still they tell us to go under the sun and rain, kill ourselves for them, and eventually they would be the ones to live and enjoy the treasuries. Irony of live! Is hope alive in Nigeria?

In this time of recession, they keep buying cars upon cars, living flamboyant lives in mansions, they gave us poor education but they keep sending their children to study abroad, gave us poor health facilities yet they rush abroad when they have a slight headache.

Recession is ideally one ridiculous word is the English dictionary. Recession in the real Nigerian definition means making lives harder from hard, stricter from strict and tougher from tough for the average Nigerians. However, recession to them means “stealing 1 billion instead of stealing 2 billion, so that it doesn’t become too obvious that they are looting”.

Tell them if you are their children, wives or friends; they wouldn’t go scot free because Nigerians will rise one day.

I have a dream that the majority of the Nigerian youths will wake up and rise one day. They will think and agree in unison. They will refuse to carry guns, axes, knives and machete to fight against one another. They will refuse to paste posters and carry placards to protest on behalf of these thieves. They will desist from celebrating these thieves and murderers.  They will rather go out there, fight for their right and vote against the greedy chameleons that called themselves politicians.

They are not the ones that will bring transformation, neither will they bring change nor progress, because they, themselves, are the cause of our problems. During their campaigns, they promise us heaven and earth, and due to our gullibility we would get lured by their sugar-coated mouth, but ultimately they become no listener to our cry after they have won the election.

The reason why most of our leaders in Nigeria are failing us is actually because they don’t have what it takes to serve us. Most of them are inhumane, they lack the passion for humanity and most especially they suffer from high-selfish syndrome.

Nigeria is in my heart. God bless Nigeria, God bless You and God bless me. Even to them, we pray God bless them, only if they would repent. 
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```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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what a great write up. we need more of this

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