topic 107: What do you intend Boxing today?

It is another boxing day. You had a merrymaking moment with a joyous heart yesterday, but you forgot that there are some less-privileged out there who could not even afford a bit of all you had for Christmas. 

Remember "not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much". It is not a function of how much you give, neither is it measured on how big it looks. It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Even a
smile, a hug and a shake, with a deep and genuine sense of it, can go a long way putting smile on another person’s face. It means more than you may think. It makes the person feel loved; feeling loved tells the fellow that some people out there still care; and the feelings of “being cared for” reignites hope for tomorrow.

Are you still there underestimating the power of your action? Do you still think you cannot contribute to humanity unless you become one of the wealthiest man? You think because human race is cruel, and thus you wouldn’t contribute your quota in lifting the dreams of the less-privileged?

What do you want to share this season?
Do you want to pay back evil for evil?
Do you want to pay back evil for good?
Do you want to give to people
who you know will pay you back in folds?
Do you want to give to people solely for them to see that you are a nice and kind person?
Do you want to do it for attention creation?
Do you want to inflict pain on that defenseless fellow?
Do you want to do it for the sake of just doing it?
Do you want to show love to those that hate you?
Do you want to show love to those that only deserve it or to all?

Feel the pain of the poor people in your society. Feel the pain of the less-privileged. Feel the pain of the sick. Feel the pain of the hopeless. Feel the pain of the prisoners. Feel the pain of the helpless. Feel the pain of the lepers. Who said you are better than these people? They are human beings like you. They deserve all you deserve. They deserve to be respected and shown an unconditional love. Is hope alive?

Anyhow you want it, showing love to people should be by default to you; nothing should be attached. It should be an intrinsic character that no external factor should impede you from doing it. Show love to all and sundry. Smile back when they frown at you. Embrace them when they snub you. Even if all they know is to sting, don’t mind them.
Touch a life today and put smile of someone’s face. You don’t have to look at the evil in the human race. You don’t have to mind the pain some heartless people have inflicted on you in the past. That should not stop you from doing what is good. Is hope alive?.

Do it while you can do it now because tomorrow may be too late. Don’t wait for tomorrow to start doing what is right. Do not underestimate your action. It can go a long way saving a life. The world is looking for the good side of you. Do not mind human, do it for humanity. Is hope alive?

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