As my colleague, Arowojolu Bukola, would say: “A failed new-year resolution is like sailing through the sea and ending up at the starting point”. Resolution making is not a child’s play. It needs you to be WELL DISCIPLINED, DILIGENT, CONSISTENT, ZEALOTRY AND PRAYERFUL for you to make your resolution a success.

It requires you to move a step further from your comfort zone. It demands a lot from you, and the inability to do all these make you to move back to your
starting point after the end of each year (Another failed new-year resolution?). Is hope alive?

It is a pity we ignorantly or excitedly make myriads of resolutions at the eve of every New Year. The same resolution you have been making since you were a kid. The same resolution you will make, come this Saturday/Sunday cross-over night. The same futile resolution you have been making over the years? Check yourself today; is there any difference in your life, career, character, business, academics, human-to-human relationship, etc. when compared with the one you lived in 2015?

Here is the problem; in the first few weeks of the New Year, you tend to bow to your New Year resolution, which could be due to excitement and high morale. You do most things according to what you wrote down, and some, according to what they wrote in their mind. But after few weeks, you gradually sway away from it gradually when the excitement and the morale of the New Year atmosphere is gone. Eventually you continue with the previous way of living your life. The question is “how would you get a different result from the same method”?

Invariably, the reason for the same failure every year could either be that something is still missing in you that you have not gotten right, or probably something is still within you that you seriously have to let go off it.   

Most of us believe there is something special about the first day of the New Year. When I was a kid, I had that mentality also. I used to think the moon on that day is quite different from all other days in the year. I used to believe everything about that day is significantly different from other 364 days (or 365 for leap years) in a year. The consciousness of that made me jump into making some New Year resolution on the first day, but most times they didn’t work out at the end of the year.

It was later I realized “a-self-change” doesn’t work with year, but does with the heart and the time, which is always now. If you want to change anything about yourself or you desire to accomplish/achieve a goal, you need not to wait for a “new year” to come. Every new day should be your own “new year”. It is the same 24 hours in January the 1st that you find in November the 30th. No time is too early or too late to make a new decision and a new resolution. The most important thing in resolution making is not the day, but the heart and the seriousness of the person making it. Is hope alive?

Do you want 2017 to end up like 2016, or the way the previous years have always been? If not, start making the resolution from today and be ready to work against all odds. Be ready to change your ways and your method. But most importantly, commit your plans to God; man proposes, God disposes.

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