Imagine our mis-leaders in Nigeria calling themselves a “constituted authority”. What a shame to our dear nation. They turn themselves into pillar that cannot be shaken; when they are not God. They believe they will be in power for ever (No forever, nothing last forever).

They care less about us or our education in as much as their own children have been given the best of education abroad. They said “is this the first time they would be closing a school (imagine that statement from a leader)”. They claimed there is
nothing special closing school for 8 months.

I am a Nigerian, and I grew up in Nigeria, so it is easy for me to diagnose our problem and proffer a solution better than what anybody from the foreign countries. Unilever, UNICEF, UN or any other foreign bodies cannot solve all our problems because they can never understand our pain, our struggles and our challenges. They can only feel for us, and try to alleviate these problems by supplying us with funds and materials.

Corruptions has infiltrated every sectors of the country. Nobody can be trusted with funds. You give our leaders 500 million naira to alleviate education problem, they would keep 300 million for themselves and release just 200 million. And those given the project will also be cutting selfishly until it remains small fund to be spent on the project. From 500 million, it may remain just 20 million left to be spent on the project. They keep deceiving the foreign bodies with fake news because we, at the grass root, don’t have the voice. Our plight and pain are being masked away from the world to know.

Millions of Almajiris in the North have no education at all. We in the south west are given poor education in a very poor and a non-conducive educational environment. Even the teachers are not giving their best for the students. But the few students with sense and passion improvise to get something good and meaningful out of the schools.

The problems we are facing are too enormous that I cannot just exhaust here. In a nut-shell, our government can never be a solution in giving us good education or giving free education for the less privileged in the urban regions, let alone those hopeless ones in the rural area.

I have thought of this, I have cried in my heart over my dear nation Nigeria, I have been depressed so many times because it seems no hope for us anytime soon with the way our selfish and greedy mis-leaders are treating us.  I have prayed to God for help. I have sought advice from people, but now I realize it is high time the passionate and concerned young ones start looking for a way to proffer a long term solution instead of waiting for the government.

Despite the fact that they are not giving us the free education they promised; despite the fact that we pay thousands on acceptance and tuition fee annually, yet they still deprive us of our education. 


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