The past has little to do in your future compared to what your today has to offer in restructuring the future. If yesterday really counts more, a person that started well is automatically guaranteed to end well. But no, that is not the case my brother!
The fact that someone finishes well is not solely as a result of his choice in the past, it is also (and most importantly) because of the choice he makes each day. It is possible to start from the right path; it is also possible for you to sway away towards the end, and ultimately you don’t finish well.

The same principle also applies to someone that didn’t start well. If at a certain point, you choose to change things, there is all possibility for you to finish well. Please understand, the choice that eventually make your future is not the one you made yesterday, but the one you make each day to renew the one of yesterday. You have to keep renewing your choice each day. It is possible to make the right choice yesterday, but you may not get the result of the wonderful choice if you fail to renew it each day. Invariably, it is possible to make the wrong choice yesterday, but if you decide to make another choice (the right one), you will definitely see the result tomorrow (only if you don’t derail). Choice making is a continuous process. This may be hard to believe, but it is the pure truth; “there is no late time or early time to make a choice” (this topic is coming out soon).

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Where you are today and where you are presently, is definitely as a result of either your subconscious, conscious or spontaneous decision (your choice). Invariably, where and what you will be tomorrow will surely rally around the choice you make today. It is not just the choice itself that matters, but it is the fact you, yourself, is directly involved in the decision that eventually becomes the choice. Is hope alive?

For the purpose of this article, I would like to define CHOICE simply as any decision you make when you are not unconscious, that is when you are in your right senses. And the power of your choice is so much important that your fate is mostly dependent on it (unless mercy prevails).

You are reading this right now because you made the choice to.
You are where you are now because of the choice you made few minutes or seconds ago.
You are doing what you are doing now because of the choice you made some minutes ago.
You are where you are today because of the choice you made yesterday
Finally, where you be tomorrow will always be determined by the choice you will make today.

What out for the episode; it promises to be great. COMING OUT SOON
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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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