Every good visions do not speak at the beginning. It is a gradual process. It may tarry, but it will surely come to pass. Life is a process my brother. Don’t rush it or else you will catch up with the storm. The greatest crime on your path to success is to give up or to cut it short. Do your best and don’t quit, even when people refuse to believe in you.

Every big dream, most of the times, are always scary. Don’t get scared by how enormous and magnanimous your dream is. If the
mind can conceive it, you can actually achieve it. Nothing is practically impossible in this world.
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Wisdom is knowing the right time to retreat, refresh and re-strategize. Those that will love you will love you; those who will hate you will do. Those that will help you, will help you, and those who won’t help you will not. Those that will cherish you will do, and some others will not. Do not be bothered irrespective of the angle they are coming from. Is hope alive?
But come what may, stay strong and be rigidly optimistic and trust in God. Believe in yourself more than any other person does. Those wards you see out there wouldn’t care for you more than you will have to do yourself. All they will tell you is: “God knows I tried my best, even when some of them have taken no step at all in helping you”. They’d pretend as if they truly care.
Sometimes you may think you are alone in this world, but you are wrong. There is still someone out there who truly cares that you have not figured out.

Don’t be too obsessed and never push too much for love and affection. Let it come by default, but not by force. Strive to love others more than you do yourself. Stretch forth the hand of love and let those who appreciate cling to it.
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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO


If you were raised by bitter or hardhearted parents/ward, you,ll know that the nature of a person never really changes and it defies your statement of "nothing is impossible in this world" some family members are just burdens that can't be changed.

Or what kinda dream can an AIDS patient have. Or someone turned mad roaming on the street

Achieving great dreams I believe is possible only if God say so, if he doesn't, hes unquestionable. Some people are to die poor. To even think of achieving dreams means you have the means (not necessarily the resources). What if there are no means at all.

Consider it from a deeper view.

Thank you for this. Very refreshing to my spirit

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