1. Falling (or failure) in life is not the greatest crime on your path to success, but it can be when you easily give up.
  2. Set your eyes on your initial dream; let it be above while your tribulation is below.
  3. Gaze on your goal with an eagle eye, and assume you are almost there.
  4. Say to yourself: “failure or disappointment is never meant to bring me down in life; it is simply an opportunity to start afresh, and also a pointer that I am a step closer”.For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com
  5. See the strength in yourself more than any other person would.
  6. It is the time to listen more to yourself regardless of what others are telling you, be it positive or negative.
  7. Your healing and recovery starts from you.
  8. Think of people that don’t want you to succeed in life; those people that will be glad if you remain stagnant, those people that don’t want you to reach up to their height and those people that want you to remain within the same par as they are. Think of you disappointing them.
  9. Think of those people that say to your face: “I know you can never make it”, “I said you can never make it”, “Nobody has ever done this before”, “nobody has ever done this before in your lineage”, nobody has ever tried it and scrape through, and yours can never be different”. Think of how you’d feel if you prove these people wrong.
  10. Think of your loved ones, your true friends, your families, those who have always believed in you and those whom you think you are indebted to. Think of the joy it would be if you don’t disappoint them.
  11. Think of those people that have suffered for you; those people that have paid the price for you to get to where you are today. Think of not letting them down.
  12. Think of how far you have gone in life. Say to yourself it is too “late” to quit. You have gone far; You can’t just quit now.
  13. Think of all those things you don’t want for your future. At this juncture, think more of these things more than what you do want for your future.
  14. Listen to yourself more because no other person can feel your pain better than you do. They can only feel for you base on the outward reaction to your pain, but they would never know the intensity of the tough moment you are going through. People will never understand the magnitude of the pain felt by a man with swollen fractured hand; they can only feel for him because of the swollen part they are seeing. This is the more reason why you need to pay attention to your heart more. Is hope alive? (TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT EPISODE)

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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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