15.     Then garner the strength from within, rise again brother/sister, don’t give up yet because you are almost there. It may be difficult now, but it doesn’t mean it will be difficult for life.
At the end of every tunnel comes the bright light. The darkness and the sorrow may last for the night, but the light and the joy
comes surely in the morning. I believe you can do it.

16.     God has given you the power and the strength, it remains for you to tap into it and activate it. There is no battle you can’t win, unless the ones you told yourself you will not. There is no height you can’t reach, unless you choose not to go further. There is nothing stopping you unless you stop yourself.

17.     Note this, “it is only the people that give it yet another try that win it in life”. Ask all the great innovators in the world. Ask all the greatest men and heroes in the world, they would tell you, “…and I gave it another try”

18.     Finally, be aware that in exercising all these principles, never keep hatred in your heart. It is one of the greatest obstacles that can bring you down again as you are trying to rise each time. and don’t forget, as you are trying to rise up again, you will never find your grip at once. You will never get it right at once and you will never find your equilibrium at once. Despite all these odds, do not back down, never give up, but keep telling yourself: “I know I can do this, I will rise and give it another try”.

19 .  You fail two people when you fail to rise up again. You fail yourself and you fail those people looking up to you.
20.     Get on your kneel and pray that sincere prayer once more. 

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