i.            Some people notice problems and talk about problems
       ii.            Some people cry about problems
     iii.            Some people grumble and complain about problems
     iv.            Some people ignore problems
       v.            Some people run away from problems
     vi.            Some people create more problems
    vii.            But the minority solve problems

The first stage of solving a problem is to identify a problem. Try to know the category you fall so that you can proffer solution soon.

(1)    Some people notice problems and talk about problems: the category of people called problem detectors. They are proficient at seeing
problems, and all they do eventually is to keep talking about the problems. They are problem seers, with a clear view of who or what is causing the problems, but beside talking and gossiping about the problems, they take no step in solving the problem.

(2)    Some people cry about problems: these are the category that burst and rant because the problems have caught them to the point of their bone marrow. They cannot persevere no more and also, they lack possible ideas to solving the problems; the problems now affect their normal day to day functions. They become so weak with no more will power to take the next step. They wallow and dine in the problems.

(3)    Some people grumble and complain about problems: this particular group is like the one above, but they choose to be lackadaisical about the root of the problems. They have got that strength to manage the problems (to some extent anyways), but instead of looking for a way to solve the way, they spend their time murmuring and complaining around. These are the same set that never see the good side of any challenge. They are just not ready to take a positive from any difficulty. They rather prefer dissipating their vigor poisoning the mind of others. They so much enjoy murmuring around. Not only that, they also enjoy self-pity rather that facing their problems. Is hope alive?

      to be continued in  the next episode..... 

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