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      (4)Some people ignore problems: these are the people that show or exhibit the highest degree of nonchalant attitude. They care less about the problems and what other people are saying about the problems. In as much as it is not affecting them or their loved ones, they will never act.
They will choose to ignore every form of the problems. These set of people are all around us.

Even if they have the resources, they would never repair the road that leads to their house, in as much as they have cars with very good
shock absorber that can move in the rough terrain. They will never act until their cars (or their wives’) got affected. They are the me-and-my-family type. They just don’t give a damn. They care not and they act as if they never knew the problems exist, although they see these problems every now and then.

(     (5)Some people run away from problems: The pretty funny ones? They run and run, till they exhaust their strength. But after all, the problems crush them down. The analysis is very simple. If you run away from problems, definitely you are not a solution provider, and if you are not a solution provider, it is glaring that you are part of the problems. There is no standing on the fence on this issue. It is crystal clear. Another funny but truthful thing you need to know is that “when a problem ensues, it is set in motion and it is never tired because it doesn’t use energy for its sustenance, but as for you, a mere man, you get exhausted; mentally and physically”. So from all the options you have got, running away from your challenges is not always the best.

Please you don’t want to do that. Just be bold enough to face it. Summon the courage, garner the strength, and if it seems beyond you, commit your ways before God (PRAY!).

      (6) Some people create more problems: these are the naughty ones, the crooked ones, the callous ones, the greedy ones, the selfish ones, the wicked ones and the customized trouble-makers. They add sorrow and inflict pain to the people around them. They steal joy in circumstances. They are always negative.
I would not talk much on this aspect because writing on each could be an entire bulk of articles (I will keep it for the future). If you fall into this category, please change your ways. Your ways, your actions and your words are hurting humanity. You are contributing to the menace and the sickness in the world. The truth is: you are a menace and you are always a-prayer-point against. Nobody prays meeting you.

      (7)But the minority solve a problem: as bogus as, and as unpalatable problems seems, it is a pity that only the minority are always willing to proffer solution. This the reason why we have many problems than solutions in the world.
If 90% or 50% or 30% or 20% or 15% of the world are problems solver, I strongly believe the world would not be where it is today. Is hope alive?

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