topic 117: 9 Important Things To Do When Things Are Falling Apart In Your Life (Episode 1)

(1) Call it a challenge and tell yourself it won’t last forever:  yes, things are quite falling apart now, pick yourself up, and call it a challenge, instead of wallowing in it or calling it a problem that will destroy your life.
Every man is predisposed to facing his/her own period of trial.; that is inevitable.  Even out of every moon, there is sometimes a blood moon. Life is not a bed of rose. It will always be thick sometimes though. It is the period that will mold
and make you a better man (that is if you pass through and come out of it positively). So stay positive, be optimistic and don’t look for people’s pity

(2) Settle and calm your spirit: This is very vital because you can never use a turbulence mind to solve a turbulence situation. Also you cannot use an unsettled mind to figure out solution to a falling apart situation. This is the more reason why you need to be calm. Have you seen a blurred eye that sees a clear vision? Absolutely No! And that is why a pair of glasses is recommended for clearer vision. The same principles apply to a troubled mind too. If a corrective measure is not taken, you may never see clearly ways to put things back to order. Is hope alive?

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(3) Listen not to naysayer and criticizer: Give no hear to any advisers that comes your way with negative advice. When I say naysayers, I mean people that will come to criticize and castigate your flaws. They w
ill always emphasize and remind you of your mistakes. They will tell you to give up. They will design a mirror of fate for you; telling you to look at it and accept it. Yea, it may be your fate, but the fate doesn’t have to end in defeat. The outcome of the fate should be a victory. The life of the man called Job in the Holy bible is an example. When things started falling apart for him, criticizer and naysayers came by. Some mocked him behind, some discouraged him, and some told him to turn against his God. Instead, Job remain positive, faithful and optimistic about the falling apart situations. He knew after every dark tunnel comes the bright light. At the end, Job came out stronger, better and richer.  Is hope alive?

(4) Figure out the origin of the problem: I said in one of my recent articles that the first stage in solving a problem is to look for the root of the problems. You must diagnose the source of the problems immediately your spirit is calm. A doctor will never recommend a medication without diagnosing the source of the ailment. If not, he may prescribe the wrong medication for the ailment.

(5) Check again if you actually got the source right: this is very important if the problem persist after trying different ways of putting things back to order. Despite all your efforts, it seems to be getting worse for you. Just like a doctor who is only treating a patient base on the outward symptoms and signs, but without thorough examination of the root of the illness. He would always prescribe amiss. Continually, the ailment will keep recurring, or sometimes get worse. This is why you need to go back to your solitude and figure out the actual root of your problems.


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God is always there for us

I remember those days as an orphan, no where to go and no one to help. One day, i used ordinary water and salt to eat Eba b'cos there was no soup. But God brought me to Lagos in a disguised form and today, I said today Glory be to God Almighty.

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