topic 118: 9 Important Things To Do When Things Are Falling Apart In Your Life (Episode 2)

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(6) Never look up to a man for solution:  looking up to a man or depending solely on a man (or the promises made by man) for solution to your problem can be a huge mistake. Disappointment is every human’s predisposition.
Human being can always let you down when you count on them. That man you are looking up to has many other issues on his neck, and he would never prioritize solving your problems at the expense of his own or his family. However, the
man you are looking up to is looking up to someone else. Perhaps he is also looking up to God or to another human being. So all he could do when you call upon him is to look you with a side view.

(7 )Look up to God: I wrote the above point before this because people are fond of looking for solution first from man before looking back to God. This shouldn’t be the case. When things are synchronously falling apart for you, know this very well, your problem will ever be beyond human compression. And whatsoever is beyond human comprehension can only be understood and solved by God that sees even in the secret. In a nut-shell, rather turn to God. Get on your kneel, pray a sincere prayer with a humble spirit before your Creator. He understands why it is happening to you. God never look up to any man and He never disappoints. He honors the prayers of His’.

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(8)Stay positive: my friend, if you must lose anything during your trial times, don’t let it be your ability to stay positive and strong. If you would remain positive and strong, it will be pretty easy for you to be optimistic, prayerful, hopeful and faithful. Even perseverance will come with ease. Ultimately, you will come out stronger and better.

(9) Be grateful and expectant: The fact that THINGS ARE falling apart doesn’t mean EVERYTHING HAS fallen apart for. So you have got one or more reasons to fight. Be grateful to God, at least for the gift of life. In as much as you can still breathe, there is still hope. Your case is never the worst on earth, and it will never be. Your situations are like a drop of water in an ocean when compared to the turmoil some people are passing through. Some people have passed through the same ordeal of life and they came out victorious, but some others, who gave up easily ended up a victim of the circumstances. Not just that, their story faded away with them.
Finally, choose the group you will like to be when everything is over; a victor or a victim?
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