topic 120: The 7 Power of Hugs You Don’t Know (episode 2)


Hug seals affection: Hug is a powerful tool for sealing affection. Perhaps you have been expressing your affection to someone (most of the time to the opposite sex) using different ways, yet the person is still doubting the sincerity and veracity of your feelings, hug is a tool that can be used to confirm this. This can also be vital especially when you meet with cynical people.
You might have said it to him/her verbally or showed it severally through your actions, still he/she wouldn’t believe you. Summon your courage and give
him/her an emotionally hug when he/she least expect. By emotional hug, I mean the kind of embrace that comes from a father to his fond-of daughter that is leaving for marriage.  

Hugs breaks and inflict pain in your haters heart: Has it ever occurred to you when you backbite, offended or lied at someone, but the person still smiled back at you and gave you a hug? Such a person has successfully won over you. The pain of the guilt you feel within is much more than the pain you caused the fellow earlier. Even if you have never been in such situation before, you can just close your eyes at this moment and imagine how you will feel. That your enemy/hater will be broken and powerless. The primary purpose of our haters or our enemies is to steal away our joy and happiness. However, if you refused to be moved by their action, rather you reciprocate with love and hug, they will realize they have failed.  Read more about this point in one of my soon-to-be-released article I titled “WHY RESPONDING WITH LOVE IS THE BEST WAY TO REVENGE”. Is hope alive?

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Hugs heals: Hug does not just heal emotionally or psychologically, but does heal physically also. You would never appreciate the power of hug until you are ill, and you see someone you so much love come to your sick bay to give you a big hug. Hug in this regards excite the body hormones, it energizes the body system, and it boost the mental strength to fight your ailment. It is another psychological therapy you can use in healing people. Say you are mentally depressed and fortunately for you, you met with a celebrity you loved so much and the celeb came to you to give you an amazing hug, or probably when the beautiful girl or handsome guy you have been dreaming about suddenly came to give you a hug; imagine how you will feel. Imagine how excited you would be.  Don’t doubt it, hug heals! 

Hugs gives courage and humility: All the above points cannot just be done by ordinary people but by the courageous and the humble ones. It takes a huge mental strength, great courage and humility to give a hug to someone that offended you, or someone that lied against you, or someone you offended, or someone you have misunderstanding with. As my Spanish friend would say, “Armase de valor” (meaning “pluck up your courage”), my friend, and take the first step. Just try it the first time, and the second time, then it will be easy in the subsequent times.

If you are going to underestimate something in your life, don’t let it the power of your hug… Thank you. Take this hug from me. I love you all.

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