topic 121: 10 Reasons Why You Must Not Marry These Type of Ladies (Episode 1)

He who found a wife finds a good thing. Well if we are going to split and interpret this, it means not all woman in a home are wives. If you notice some of these attitude in your girl, it is better to take to your heel than to force yourself to marry just for the sake of the peripheral love you have for her. Never let your heart rule over your head here.

(1) A lady that is not ready to change: I put this to be the number one because you are not going to find a perfect lady to marry out there. We are all still growing
and working towards perfection, so prepare your mind for this (besides, you too have got some flaws in you). The fact that she is not perfect is not the issue but the most dangerous thing is if she is not ready to learn or to change. This is very crucial for you to observe before you dabble into marriage. This kind of girl will always believe everything she does is right and it is always the best, so you have no choice but to live with it for life. You won’t be able to reason together with such a girl and correct her mistakes. Eventually, you guys will always be in a loggerhead every time. These type of ladies are extremely egoistic, proud and selfish. She becomes the husband of the home with time.
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(2)A lady that doesn’t believe in your dreams: Martin Luther King Jr. of America (in the book “I have a dream”) said her wife has been living like a widow since she started his mission in delivering the Afro-Americans from racism. He said most times he would traveled for months in the pursuit of his dream, yet the wife would not complain, and also sometimes he has been jailed for months, but the wife stood by him all through. It is not that Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife really loved the fact that her husband was not always there for her and the children, it was because she truly understands and believed immensely in the dream and calling of her husband. Although it wasn’t truly convenient for her, but she needed to brace up and take the responsibility of being the mother and the father of the home in her husband’s absence. This is a typical example of a wife and a mother. With this kind of girl behind Martin Luther King Jr., he was ready to fulfill his dream and purpose in life.

Another global and popular example is Michelle Obama. It was obvious how this great woman supported and stood behind her husband through the ups and downs before and during the actualization of his dream.  Remember Victoria Osteen, the wife of the popular pastor, writer and TV icon, Joel Osteen. These are not just amazing women or mothers, they are also great wives
If you mistakenly marry a girl that doesn’t believe in your dream, it marks the beginning of a shattered dream. Unfortunately, you are on the verge of missing your purpose in life, unless mercy prevails. Such ladies show no concern whenever you say anything about your dream or plans for your life. Their body languages are always against such topic pertaining to your dream. They are always nonchalant about what you are about telling them. Is hope Alive?

(3) lady that always think she is right every time: these are the conceited ladies. She is always full of herself, always self-centered and she always believe she knows more than anyone else. These are the kind of ladies that try to be the husband of the house. They are not the submissive type. They always want to have their opinion to subdue that of their husbands’. They are dangerous. 
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```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO


I disagree with the first point. Issues like this should be discussed before marriage. I don't think people should be marrying with the intention or hope that a person would change. If you met her a certain way and agree to marry her that way, you shouldn't be expecting her to change.
If she decides that she wants to change on her own to please you, that's fine. But it is unreasonable to expect a person change for you and this goes both ways.

All I know about relationship is ability for both parties to compromise their principles. If anyone ain't ready to compromise, such person ain't ready for healthy relationship


To what extent will they compromise their principles? And till when will they do that sir? And why do you think they should?

As long as they want the relationship to last.
Till death do them part.

Hint:they ain't raised same way
they see things differently. They are built with different philosophy.they must build on their intersection, which is the source of their compatibility. Compromising once principles helps to build humility and understanding. Compromise should be their guide through their relationship. When they stop compromising, then the relationship begins to die gradually.


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