topic 122: 10 Reasons Why You Must Not Marry These Type of Ladies (Episode 2)

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(4) A lady that nags: Recently I met a lady while serving as a Youth Corp member. This girl is an epitome of beauty. From a distance, she has everything a rational guy would want to see in a girl. Coincidentally, we were able to had a chitchat, and from our discussion I realized this girl was single.
I asked her the reason why, because I was a bit stunned and simultaneously curious on why a lady of such beauty and endowment will be without a guy in her life. She told me a point as we conversed further. She said all her past boyfriends used to complain she nags a lot, which she wouldn’t admit from the way she presented it. She didn’t see
this behavior in herself. Different guys she has dated complained about the same thing, yet she wouldn’t accept to this flaw.

The earlier weeks of our friendship proved her right because she didn’t show any sign of nagging. Later when we got closer, I started seeing this poor attitude in her. When she starts, she remains uncontrollable, the ego inside of her escalates her nagging behavior. At that point, I saw the reason why guys have been dumping this girl. Because none of them could actually cope with this beautiful girl’s poor attitude.

This is a kind of girl you don’t want to risk taking home. They are the kind of ladies that turn the home into a hell. They are the kind of ladies that can go as far as locking up your shirt morning and night if you refused to react to their fuss. They make life and your home extremely miserable with their hot-tempered nature. Is hope alive?
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(5) A lady that wouldn’t find any reason to say sorry: also the egoistic type. They are almost synonymous to the kind of ladies I explained right above. The difference is that these category of ladies will never see any reason to come down to the level of saying a simple “I am sorry”, even when they are obviously wrong. Saying sorry makes them sick. A simple sorry is always disgusting to them. They always want to prove a point why not saying sorry was the best thing they could do. 

(6) A highly materialistic lady: This is another intriguing group. My boss once told me a story about a friend and the girlfriend; a scenario that happened when they went for a window shopping. The two soon to-be-couple went to the mall for their routine window shopping, with the intention of getting few things. On getting there, the lady saw a hand bag worth of 115,000 Naira. The girl spontaneously became desperate to have the bag for herself, even at the expense of what they planned buying before they left their home. She was so desperate that nothing would stop her from getting it. She insisted the guy must buy her the bag or he buys nothing at all. The guy couldn’t afford the cost at that moment and he refused to buy the bags. The lady wouldn’t reason along with the boyfriend, instead she began ranting over him and calling him names. The lady however, removed her own ATM card, paid for the bag, and left the place furious without her man.

There are many lessons to learn from this. This is an extremely selfish girl. A girl that cared so much for herself more than the interest of the duo. This type of girl can never endure difficult times with their husband. They can sell their family for their selfish interest. They are the just go-get it; even at anybody’s expense, in as much as it satisfies them alone.  

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