topic 123: 10 Reasons Why You Must Not Marry These Type of Ladies (Episode 3)

(7) A lady that compares and complains a lot: it is true that human’s want can never be completely satisfied, but when you meet a lady (the Oliver Twist offspring) that is always and greedily obsessed by her needs to the extent of always comparing you or your effort with other guys, it is high time you gave the relationship a second thought.
You need to know there is nothing you would do that will ever make are truly happy. They will sarcastically and ironically compare you with
Wizkid, Davido and the likes.  They will compare you with their friends’ husbands or boyfriends. They will always remind you what other guys with big Benjamin in their pocket are doing to satisfy their partners, forgetting the reason why they loved you from the onset. You will never be secured with such a lady because their patience in and with life are infinitesimal. If you wouldn’t give them, they will always go for it outside.

(8) A lady that is more concerned about her beauty more than her character: Yea, it is a blessing to be beautiful and it is splendid to be gorgeous, but when you meet a lady that her beauty has become a curse to her, you need to trace your steps back. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go for a beautiful damsel, but try not to let your eyes and heart rule over your head. This simply means the beauty is not enough; not just enough for you to marry her if her attitude is nothing to write home about. They are the kind of ladies that can sacrifice the basic and urgent needs of the family for the trivial materials that will spur their beauty for a day or for that party they want to attend. They believe their beauty can fetch them more than their character can. She becomes nonchalant about the progress of the family in as much as she is glowing every now and then.
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(9) A woman that shows no sense and charisma of a “mother”: it is one thing to be a wife, and it is another thing to be a mother. The danger of marrying a woman with no motherly spirit is more than what I can exhaust in this article. Not just will it affect your home now, but it may, in the long run, affect the future of your children (who are supposed to be your future glory). It may be a fact that you are the head of the house, but it is where the neck controls the head that the head moves. The wife is that neck. The key and the navigation to a home belongs to her. home. YOU WANT TO KNOW A MOTHER? A mother extraordinarily cares, sacrifices, bears pain, goes extremely to satisfy the wards and prays for the family (even when she is not comfortable). She barricades the children from physical and spiritual danger and she would, at her expense, forgo things that would not allow the progress of the family. She sacrifices her “better” so that her children can have the best. She bears the pain that the children should. My friend, if you are in a relationship now but you cannot boldly and confidently call that your girlfriend “a second mother”, then you are yet to get it right. Is hope alive?

(10) A lady that cannot cook:  like every other important factors that hold the family together, this tenth factor should also not be underestimated. In fact, it is one of the most important factors that if not properly managed, it can create a loop hole for serpent-likes to crawl into the family. I’m sorry to say this: “the 21st century of noodles, pastas and fast foods are affecting our girls. It is now becoming a hard fought challenge to find a lady that her beauty matches her cooking skills. They are rather expending their strength on snap-chat and Instagram; what a pity! As a man, one of the path to your mind and sense is food. A wife without an adequate cooking skills can be a liability to the family. You may think you can cope with this forever, but the moment you find alternative from another woman outside, you begin to… (the real men out there know what I meant).

Be careful before you dabble into a marriage. It’s is not a child’s play and it’s not for ‘just men’. Everybody pray for a heaven-on-earth marriage, but if you miss it, a rough marriage can be a like a hell-on-earth. It is better you break a relationship now that you can still, before it becomes a life fate for you”. Good luck! 

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I really like this write up. May God enhance your knowledge (y)

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It's their FAULT, they made MARRIAGE champions League.

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