topic 127: You Are Not a Failure and a Victim of Existence! (Episode 1)

What can we say about “a life” that let his dreams die even without the physical death? What will be said about a life that allows his or her dream shatters because of critics from haters? What do we say about a man that wouldn’t try another time because he is too scared of tomorrow?
Why would you give up and ditch your life to fear because of the uncertainty of tomorrow? Life can be rosy and sometimes messy. It can be fussy and it can be
disgusting. But what would be written about a life that just lived without a memory to be remembered.

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The present circumstances of life are never a function of what you will be tomorrow? You know what separate you and your turnaround situation in life? it is just a bridge called “time”. If you keep pressing forward and preparing yourself against all odds, you will definitely come out of the storm better and greater. Is hope alive?

If it is by the past, people like Bill gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Job, Albert Einstein, would never be who they eventually became in life. Keep your hope alive. Pluck up your courage, and be ready to stand taller than the life challenges.  You are not a coward; you are a hero. Brace up now; fight for your life, your family, your children, your loved ones and for those big dreams you have been nourishing. They are bound to come to pass sooner or later. 

You are still a seed yet to grow. Can you imagine the gigantic tree a small mango seed can produce years after it is planted and germinated? Today, all you see and what “they” see is the small seed, but the moment you are planted, pass through your dormancy period and you were able to scrape through successfully, what they will see tomorrow will be a complete transformation from what you were yesterday. 

Don’t let anybody ever intimidate you that you can never make it in life. Don’t let your present circumstance discourage you from pressing forward. Look at the sky, it is big enough for everybody to shine. You know the beauty of that top you are dreaming of? There are many spaces at the very top, but there are no much vacant seats. The seats at the top now have been reserved by the strong ones for their own people, but they can never occupy all the spaces (even if they hoard the seat). All you need is to make your own seat and place it there. Is hope alive?

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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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