topic 124: What seed do you sow for humanity?

Think of the stat of helpless patients that die in the hospital because they can’t afford to pay up their bill, think of the percentage of people that stay away from the hospital for proper medical care because they are scared of the hospital bills.

Think of the people that die of kidney problem, people that need surgeries, to mention a few. All these lives are cheaply wasted because of
poverty; because there is no help around the corner for them. Why can’t we stand for each other and save lives? Why are we losing our sense of humanity?

Remember "not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much". It is not a function of how much you give, neither is it measured on how big it looks. It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Even a smile, a hug and a shake, with a deep and genuine sense of it, can go a long way putting smile on another person’s face. It means more than you may think. It makes the person feel loved; feeling loved tells the fellow that some people out there still care; and the feelings of “being cared for” reignites hope for tomorrow.

A seed sown will definitely yield, and the fruit will always be tantamount to the seed sown. It is a normal principle of nature.  But one other thing people fail to realize about the seed we sow today is that the seed is also a voice that will speak for or against us tomorrow.

You need not to underestimate the power of the seed you sow today because if the seed doesn’t speak for you now, it will speak for your bloods and your lineage someday in the future. So if what you know best is how to sow evil in the lives of people, then keep doing it. If it is the otherwise, then don’t relent. One thing is certain and is common to us all, the voice of our seed can never be silenced or muted. It is always there to either speak and defend you or speak against you or your generation in time of need. It is not something that can be dodged or maneuvered. It is a fixed principle of nature that will surely come away for you irrespective of your religion, your color, your race, your ethnic, or whatever you may be.

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