topic 133: When your relationship is not working perfectly, Top 11 questions to ask yourself (episode 2)

When your relationship is not working perfectly, Top 11 questions to ask yourself.

Let us continue from where we stopped three days ago EPISODE 1. I will strongly advise you read the previous episode before you proceed.
4. At whose detriment is the relationship holding? You get to know this, first by observing who keeps saying sorry the most (even when you are not meant to). Saying sorry has become a repetitive thing for you because you are just trying to please the other partner.

If you have always been paying this sacrifice and it seems the partner would and has never acknowledged any of these sacrifice of yours, you should be able to deduce to some extent that you are at the detriment between the two. To confirm this: “you only make the other partner happy when you are together, meanwhile your hearts sobers when you are alone thinking about your relationship”. A good relationship should not bring worry or confusion, but rather excites you. My friend, something is wrong when your joy and happiness is stolen away for the sake of relationship.

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5. Who is at the losing side? For you to know the one at the losing side, you need to know the partner on the wining side. However, for you to know the person on the winning side, we need to know the one who has nothing to lose if any mishap suddenly evolves. Despite the fact that it has never been pleasing and convenient, you have given your money, your body and other resources into the relationship just to make the other partner happy. Eventually you stand to gain nothing.

6. Do you really think you love this your guy? This is a question most people still find difficult to answer genuinely, though it is easy to confess with the lips. How do you really know if you truly love the other partner? You can have a glimpse of this by asking yourself the following rhetorical questions: What actually attracted me to this lady or guy? What really established this guy or lady’s feeling in my life? Was it his money, or fame, or sex, or character, or wealth or property? If your own answer is sex, wealth, fame, or property, then you need to retrace your step a bit. Ask yourself further, how indispensable is this guy or girl in your heart? What normally comes into your mind anytime you set your eyes on him? If it is it just the hot sex he or she gives you, or the money he lavished on you, then you are still wrong.

And the last question here is: does this your guy or girl worth given another chance in your life when he or she heavily hurts you? if the majority of your sincere answers are negative, I will advise you to start activating your thinking faculty to think right and smart.

7. How proud are you about him or her? forget about his financial muscles (be it big or small), forget about his status in the society or his/her current job, the question is, how proud are you about this your partner? This is a sensitive question. If you cannot justify your answer, it means something else, that should not be, is enticing and keeping you in this relationship. Regardless of his/her status, abilities or disabilities, you must be proud of the one you call your love. True love accommodates the two sides of someone because it doesn’t discriminate. It is only when you are proud of your partner that you will be proud of your feelings and love for him or her. This may backfire in the long run, especially when those sweet things keeping you there are no more available. Is hope alive?

8. Where do you stand in the relationship? How can you gauge yourself as an entity in this relationship? What is your “say” in this relationship? Are you being sidestepped or is it only the other partner that imposes and dictates what should be done in the relationship, without giving your own opinion a regard? If you cannot define your ground in this relationship, it means you are on the losing side, and any force out there (those girls and boys, you know!) can easily crawl in to oust you from the relationship. Why? Because you are not rooted in the relationship! The truth is, if you are not grounded, it means you are just being managed in the relationship, probably to fill some void in his or her life (which may be temporarily for sex pleasure or as a good money making machine).  If this article has been beneficial to you, kindly share or recommend for the consumption of others. Thank you…

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