topic 128: You are not a failure and a victim of existence (episode 2)

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Look at the sky, it is big enough for everybody to shine. You know the beauty of that top you are dreaming of? There are many spaces at the very top, but there are no much vacant seats.
The seats at the top have been greedily hoarded by the strong ones for their own people, but one thing give us hope; they can never occupy all the
spaces (even if they keep the seat for themselves). All you need is to make your own seat and place it there.

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What I am trying to say with the illustration above is that if you will not depend too much on any man, and if you will be ready to think of that idea and work towards those great dreams you have gotten, you will also get your free space at the top. You aren’t gonna pay for the space at the top, but you gonna pay for the sacrifice to make a seat for yourself when you are still below?

No pain no gain; if you wouldn’t venture on anything, you wouldn’t gain anything.  It is those who pay the price in life that win the prize. Keep the hope alive and never ever think of giving up. It is not a crime to fail in life, but it would be a huge mistake if you refuse to pick yourself up again, and again and again. At the end, it is not your failure that would count, but your success.

Just as I said in one of my previous articles, “Remember, yesterday brings regret sometimes, and tomorrow may bring worry because of uncertainty. But we have a balancing spring at the middle, which is the present. What you make of your present will annul your thought of the past and adjust you for a better tomorrow. So be happy today! Let no man, let no critics or nothing whatsoever steal away your joy of today. Joy and happiness is intrinsic; don’t succumb to any human or challenge that might want to determine the magnitude and altitude of your happiness. You are not insane when you choose to be happy, especially when you got literally no reason to be. Happiness is a forerunner of hope for tomorrow.

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