topic 130: Before you commit the Suicide, read this! (episode 2)

I define “Suicide” simply as succumbing to death as the last resort or resolution for life’s tricky challenges, problems or failures. START WITH EPISODE 1 HERE
Research told us that most people that do overcome a long period of suicidal thought go on to achieve greater things in life. If they could be strong enough to overcome a suicidal thought, they would always be stronger to overcome any other challenges of life that come their way.

Troubles and challenges of life becloud our sight from seeing a better tomorrow, and we only think of the unfortunate and tough moment of today; forgetting the hope for tomorrow. Yes, you may be thinking the debt is too much for you to
settle; yours may be due to the repercussion and the shame of the atrocities you committed; yours maybe because you lose all the things you have worked for all your life in a short period; yours maybe due to depression resulting from the high uncertainty about tomorrow; yours maybe any unimaginable cases only you can understand. Regardless of what your case maybe, it would never be the worst that has ever happened to a man.

I know you have immensely been broken down in spirit to the extent that you are no more ready to stand up and fight the predicament, but do you think a second is too much for God to change your story?

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As some people would think that suicide is always for the coward, for the weak and the feeble minded, I think this is a wrong mentality. If you have not been through it, you wouldn’t know what it is. The fact that you are giving up now doesn’t mean you are a coward, it is just that you have actually failed to understand the true meaning and purpose for your life. If you do, then you would appreciate and know why you need to guard your life more jealously.

I didn’t say this to belittle or question your mental strength. I have once been through this disgusting period before in my life, and I know how terrible it could be. Nobody would ever understand the pain you are going through inwardly, even when you are smiling to the world. It was a tough time for me then (perhaps one of the toughest period of my life). I thought no more hope again for me. I couldn’t voice my pain out because nobody would understand, and more also, nobody was ready to listen. I thought the best thing that could end the inner pain and struggle was death. I always felt like jumping to a very busy road and be crushed to death by a speeding car. But you know what? I was completely wrong. Thank God for the mercy of another chance.

We would take a look at the lives of Job in the bible and that of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of America in the next episode.
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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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