topic 132: When your relationship is not working perfectly, Top 11 questions to ask yourself (episode 1)

Top 11 questions to ask yourself when your relationship is not working perfectly
It is intriguing to say when a guy or a lady is in love, he/she may not be able to stand the questions that may expose the reality of the state of the relationship.
Love, surmounted with too much emotion, would have beclouded the thinking faculty that he or she would not be able to answer some critical questions about the relationship, and why things doesn’t seem to be working as initially expected.

 This article contains a series of critical questions that will be an
eye opener for you, in as much as you can be sincere with yourself. This article will help you figure out where things are going wrong in your relationship and the probable solutions that will guide you to making tangible decision that will help you enjoy your life and relationship beyond imagination.   

1.       What’s your expectation for the relationship?
2.       What’s your status in the relationship?
3.       Is the love/feelings mutual?
4.       At whose detriment is the relationship holding?
5.       Who is at the losing side?
6.       Do you truly love him or her?
7.       How proud are you about him/her?
8.       Where do you stand in the relationship?
9.       What is the way out for you?
10.    Make a decision now
11.    Will you regret your decision?

1. What’s your expectation for the relationship? You can’t just be in a relationship without knowing what exactly you want from it. A relationship without no bearing will ultimately bear no good fruits. You should be able to confidently say, at least 80-90%, what kind of future you see or want in the relationship. If your assurance is not up to a reasonable level, then you need a second thought at this juncture. Trace your path back and think of what actually led you into the relationship.

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2. What is your status in the relationship? You need to ask yourself your stand and grip in the relationship. Where exactly do you think you stand in the mind and life of the other partner. Does he or she not just place you for the benefit of sexual pleasure or money making machine? In your absence, can he/she boldly tells his or her friends and siblings how important you are in his or her life? If yes, good for you (but please don’t deceive yourself), and if it is the otherwise (or you’re still doubting), then trace the steps back. Is hope alive?

3. Is the love and feelings mutual? Forget pretense, if the love is mutual, you would know. How sure are you that you truly love that person and vice-versa? You have to be sensitively observant if the other partner is feigning affection for you or not. Never let your heart rule over your head at this juncture. It’s a moment of truth for you. Hope he or she is not just managing you because you are the last resort or because you have been ignorantly resourceful?  Keep the truth at one corner of your heart.

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