topic 134: When your relationship is not working perfectly, Top 11 questions to ask yourself (episode 3)

 When your relationship is not working perfectly. Start with the EPISODE 1 and EPISODE 2 HERE.

Come to think of it; you are in a relationship that is supposed to bring happiness in your life, but it is pain, confusion, uncertainty, worry and routine argument anytime you are with him (her). A relationship that is supposed to be a spring of joy and motivation has turned to fight and mistrust every now and then.
You sacrificed your freedom for the other partner, yet he (she) acknowledged it not; instead he (she) is continually taking you for granted. You are being bossed around like
a slave just because you want to make him (her) happy. He (she) has taken you as an option despite the fact that you prioritized him (her) in your life.

The question is; does he (she) really worth all these mental stress and confusions? You need to start allowing your head to rule over your heart. Dear friend, it is high time you led your heart right, and not be a slave to it. When it comes to love, the heart can sometimes mislead. And that is why you have to be more careful.

Let us continue with the final questions, and I believe at the end of this article, you will be a able to navigate your way in the relationship.
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What is the way out for you? The way out is simple. It will be complicated only if you will not be sincere with yourself. This is a moment of truth. You can never deceive yourself even if you deceive others. If you deceive yourself in making a decision to favor your emotion (rather than what your instinct and right senses are telling you), the nemesis will eventually catch up with you. The way out is to be strong enough to make a decision whether to continue or to terminate the relationship.

Make a decision: Take your time, but don’t waste your time. If most of your answers have been negative, then you need to retrace your step. Think of the pros and cons of the decision you are about to make, which is either to quit or not to. Ask yourself if this relationship truly worth the mental stress it is making you to pass through. If you choose to quit, know this for sure: you will never stay single forever because there are 1,000,0001 girls and guys out there. If it is the other, you must be braced up and be ready to endure the rugged terrain the relationship may bring your way. Is hope alive?

Will you regret your decision? My friend, I may not be able to promise you much, but IF YOU WOULD BE SINCERE with yourself in providing the right answers to all these questions, then you will never regret any decision you make or about to make. Note this, “you can never see another better opportunity if you are too beclouded by the stress of another unworthy relationship”.

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For Counsel, for testimony, contact us via WhatsApp on +2347066352274 or mail us on ishopealive@gmail.com.

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well Saïd.
I believe a broken relationship is better than à broken home or endured marriage.
For a broken marriage theres always à warning sign in courtship that was carelessly ignored. Be sensitive
Thanks for taking your time to write this God bless u.

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