topic 135: Reasons Why You Must Trim Your Friends and Friendship Now

Reasons Why You Must Trim Your Friends and Friendship Now
It is not a crime to have a flock of friends but it can be highly unreasonable flocking around with friends that are not adding meaningful values to your life. Friendship is so significant that it can either make or mar your future.
Friends can shape your life, your mentality, orientation and perception about life (either in the right way or the otherwise). The power of friendship can never be underestimated in shaping and designing someone's life.

Keep this at your left hand, and create a space for
it in your heart: an open enemy that say to your face “he hates you” is 99.9% better than a friend that tells you he loves you, but at your back he is busy firing you arrow. Though he smiles at you, he keeps stabbing you from behind.  I just which you can understand this cloudy fact. Once you know your enemy, you have won one of the rounds of the battle. When you don’t have any relationship with a distant enemy, it is also better because you can always be vigilant and cautious against possible attacks. But how do we explain this: “when you don’t know your close friend and ally is your greatest enemy, and you keep on telling him/her all your glories, your testimonies, your secrets, your strategies, your plans, and your next step”? My dear friend, you are on the verge of failing and losing the battle, “unless mercy prevails”.
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You keep telling such friend every of your moves, not knowing he is actually the one digging the grave for you. They are always around you. They smile at you, dine with you, drink with you, and you think they truly love you, whereas they are actually a wolf covered with a sheep’s clothing. Deep down them, they don’t really want good for you.

They are not happy at your success. They grief within their heart when they see your pace. They really don’t mean the smile you see on their face. All what they have in their mind is for you to make that little mistake that will give them cheeky and trivial excuses; and your fall that will give them inexplicable joy of laughing last to mock you. Is hope alive?

My friend, this is the more reason why you have to be more cautious and vigilant. You don’t have to trust everyone that smile at you. Don’t think everybody will reciprocate the good in your heart back to you. The fact that you cannot eat a lion doesn’t mean the lion cannot eat you. Be vigilant, be watchful and be sensitive. Trim your friends if the need be (small circle is not a sin). Trim your friendship with him or her if your intuition and instinct keep doubting the person’s loyalty towards you.  Be careful when you observe his or her hanky-panky behavior is becoming much for you to condone. When I said trim your friendship, I meant draw a line in the friendship. Creating a boundary is not a crime, but wisdom.

Pause at this moment; check what and where you are right now. Try to reflect back and see how far friendship has contributed to what you are or where you are now at this stage of your life. Probably friends would have shaped wrongly some of your decisions and choices in the past. Put aside the influence of your parents or families, 50 % of what you are now are the sum total of the effects of what friends and friendship have contributed to your life.
Again I repeat, be watchful, be careful, be sensitive and be cautious. Not all friends mean actually well for you.

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I don't have close friends sefff.....my sisters are my best friends....

One crate of origin for you

They won't listen.....some people cannot stay alone for just 10 minutes.. Always with one friend or the other..if you move along the street with some people you will regret it..they can just for life.people should have just one friend or two and be faithful!!!

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